Fashion | Best & Worst Dressed At The Grammy Awards 2015

I always enjoy watching ‘awards’ events for one reason in particular: Red Carpet Fashion. However, the annual Grammy Awards takes this to a whole other level, it’s fair to say that this event quite typically brings out the celebrities ‘inner creativity’. If you need proof of this, pull up your nearest search engine and type ‘Lady Gaga arrives in egg – Grammys 2011’…. I’ll give you a moment, that image might need to simmer with you for a while… now that you are sufficiently prepared, lets review some of the highlights from this year:


1. Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift - Elie Saab Dress

For me, there is no one that even came close to taking the title of ‘best dressed’ from one Miss T. Swift!

Take note Lana Del Rey, THIS is how you pull off a mermaid-esque look. Taylor wore a striking teal-to-ocean-blue-and-back-again floor-length Elie Saab gown but what really gave this outfit the ‘edge’ was the dual layers, high neck detailing and fuchsia pink heels!

She was actually one of the few stars this year that opted for adding a splash of colour amongst a sea of black and white silhouettes.

Bulletproof fashion.

2. Gwen StefaniGwen Stefani - Versace Jumpsuit

Gwen Stefani rocked up to the red carpet in this ultra fashionable but completely unique Versace jumpsuit, which she described as “artwork” to E!’s Ryan Seacrest – and she was not wrong!

As you know, I’m quite a fan of celebrities opting for jumpsuits at these types of events, it’s a little bit more daring, which says something about the celebrity that’s chosen it!

Stefani proved that she is one of a kind with this simple, figure-flattering outfit, which showcases an artistic shape through it’s front-panel swirl design.

To complete the look, she kept her make up soft with nude tones and complimenting swept back hair.

Rock-star worthy!

3. BeyonceBeyonce

Of course, Ms. B deserved a spot in the “best dressed” list. I very rarely see her get it wrong and this time was no different. She completely owned this modest black dress.

A lot of the ladies on the red carpet this year opted for a low neckline but Beyonce kept it chic with an elegant, floor-length, long-sleeved Proenza Schouler lace gown.

To really set this outfit apart from the rest, the dress has fine and intricate embroidery detail, which oozes class!

Super glamorous and timeless ensemble!


Brace yourself…



This is an example of an outfit that stunned for all of the wrong reasons. Sure, Madonna has a killer body at age 56 and I fully understand the theatrics behind her show-like style choice but there is also such a thing as less is more

Perhaps eliminating certain elements of the custom-made Givenchy design could have improved the overall look but the bottom scrunchie, fishnet stockings, thigh-high leather boots, silver spiked heels and bicep-high gloves scream ‘OTT’.

Final verdict: This look was just a bit too much ‘Madonna’.

Do you agree with my selection? Did any other fashion choices stand out to you on the night? Which is your favourite look from my Top 3?


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6 thoughts on “Fashion | Best & Worst Dressed At The Grammy Awards 2015

  1. Stephanie Tania says:

    Definitely agree with your choices. Taylor Swift stood out very brightly. For Best, I also liked Anna Kendrick’s polished pantsuit look with a deep v-neck plunge. And for Worst, you should include Charli XCX..her outfit was very confusing haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • adeleinglasses says:

      Thanks for the comment Stephanie!

      I could chat fashion all day long, it’s always difficult to narrow it down to just a few choices for these types of lists and I agree with your mentions as well.

      Anna Kendrick proved that the notion of “less is more” can have the greatest impact, such a simple design but still so stunning.

      Charli XCX opted for way too much, similar to Madonna, I wonder what went through her mind when she picked out a bow tie *and* a boa!


    • adeleinglasses says:


      I think if I was picking an outfit to wear for the Grammy’s, I would opt for something elegant like Beyonce’s dress, I love the lace detail, makes it kind of vintage! I own this dress here, which covers the “lace” aspect but I think it’s the fact that hers is a floor-length gown that makes it ultra glamourous! Similar to how I liked Jessica Chastain’s dress at the Golden Globes. Though, I don’t often have the occasion for a floor-length gown… sadly!

      Liked by 1 person

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