Millennials Issue A Stark Wake-Up Call To The Media (And It’s Before 12 Noon)

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Entitled. Lazy. Narcissistic.

These are just a few of the words bandied about by the media regarding members of Generation Y – which is, ironically, the letter that phonetically sounds like the question we repeatedly have to ask ourselves.

Why do millennials get such a bad rap?

Grouping a whole heap of diverse individuals together and generalising them based on their date of birth continues to be a problematic trend because these insular assumptions spread like a vicious virus, infecting the majority of the movies, television and news coverage that we consume on a daily basis.

In our time, it is difficult to turn a single page in the various newspapers and magazines that supposedly sit atop our foosball tables without seeing those born between 1982 and 2000 being dubbed The Me Me Me Generation, generating mass eye-rolling and groaning from said audience.

We are entitled to have this reaction but that does not mean that we are entitled in the other sense of the word; the one that suggests we are selfie-snapping, uber-riding narcissists who were raised by supportive parents and expect success to be handed to us on an Instagrammable plate.

Instead of one plate, millennials are typically juggling multiple plates – from balancing several college projects and an array of jobs to support themselves while urgently trying to get on to the property ladder with squeezing finances due to looming university fees – all without being distracted by social media.

So the next time that you tap away on your keyboard, working on your next draft about millennials with a flat white as your desk companion, perhaps you could consider heeding some advice from the most educated generation to date by using these words to describe us:

Qualified. Ambitious. Sacrificing.

We’re not so different after all.

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7 thoughts on “Millennials Issue A Stark Wake-Up Call To The Media (And It’s Before 12 Noon)

  1. Chanelle says:

    I understand that with age gaps come assumptions and everyone has been taught different things and has different skills and ways of doing things but different is not necessarily bad. I work in an environment with some computers and technology and I always like to teach people and let them have a go instead of doing it for them and speaking in a condescending tone. If they need help I’m there and if they don’t they can feel good that they understood what to do and did it themselves 🙂

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