Fashion | Valentine’s Day Outfit: Sweet Or Sexy?

Love is in the air… whether you will be sharing Valentine’s day with someone special, having animated hearts circle your head or whether you will be rekindling love with the tub of ice cream you’re sure to devour, you can still dress for the occasion!


Case and point.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a romantic evening meal planned or you’re going out for a more relaxed occasion with friends and family, there’s one important decision to make – what do I wear?!

If you have searched through every article of clothing and are still stuck for ideas on how to combine items to form an appropriately love-struck outfit, then don’t worry, I have scoured the internet to create 2 looks, sweet and sexy, hopefully this will give you sufficient inspiration!


Look 1

When in doubt, opt for the little black dress! This Dressystar chiffon evening dress is soft and feminine, with the addition of a waist belt to make the outfit more unique and to bring in the waist, which can be important when wearing a floaty number!

The suede Christian Louboutin heels are majestically entwined with a double ankle strap, this adds to the ‘party’ look and also modernises the outfit.

Since the dress is a little bit ‘safer’, you can go all out on the accessories; this is where the fun begins! If you can’t wear hearts on Valentine’s day, when can you wear them?

The Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Valentine handbag adds the first dash of colour, whilst the mesh bow and studs gives it a modern edge, also drawing in the gold detail of the waist belt.

The remaining accessories showcase a range of heart-shaped pendants and charms… too cute!

♥ SEXY ♥

Look 2

You can’t really go wrong with a ‘fire engine red’ on Valentine’s day, this cami dress will sexily figure hug and showcase your curves, which is likely to catch some eyes! The delicate spaghetti straps and lace detail make it ultra feminine.

Talking about ‘love’ these Christian Louboutin’s will steal your heart, soft suede with an architectural flared design and, rather fittingly, the classic red sole!

The complimenting Loubibow clutch is a real statement piece; it follows the architectural flared style of the shoes but this time forming a bow shape, both alluring and classy!

As for the accessories, the cascading beaded earrings and scalloped lace bracelet help to tie in and complete the overall look. The mini heart necklace (a heart had to feature in there somewhere) is very delicate, this is because you don’t want to distract from the beautiful lace detail on the bust line.

Which look is your favourite?

However you choose to spend your Valentine’s day, just make sure that you spend it in style!


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7 thoughts on “Fashion | Valentine’s Day Outfit: Sweet Or Sexy?

  1. thatssojacob says:

    Yes for the first comment and the Friends pic! Love that episode. I have plans to have tea with a friend on Saturday otherwise I’d totally be in dress number two, lol. I actually finished a third book this year and just posted a review. Any thoughts?

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