Fashion | Golden Globes 2015: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Golden Globes might be a major part of the film industry’s award season, recognising and awarding excellence in both film and television but it’s also an opportunity for us to commend (and rebuke!) the outfits that grace the red carpet.

I wanted to share some of my personal favourite outfits that descended upon Hollywood on Monday night, including 3 of THE GOOD, 2 of THE BAD and unfortunately the final award will be for THE UGLY – that’s the outfit that I deem to be the worst from those on show at the event.

So after watching the stars sashay and saunter down the red carpet and scouring the internet for every possible outfit that was on display, to begin, here are my top style picks…

The Good

THE GOOD VersaceJessica Chastain

I absolutely adored Jessica Chastain’s choice of gown, it screams classic Hollywood with its plunging halter v-neck that spirals down into an elegant ruche detail and pleated skirt.

The Versace dress is ultra glamourous and the shimmering, coppery bronze tone really sets off her red locks!

Even with all of that cast aside, she finished the look with a smouldering smokey eye complimented by the soft, delicate waves of her hair.

Emma StoneTHE GOOD Emma Stone

What is this?

Pants on the red carpet? Yes, pants on the red carpet! That’s the reason that this look is so original and note-worthy, Stone should be commended for throwing out the rulebook and opting for the girl-next-door look, yet still appearing incredibly glitzy!

This is a jumpsuit like no other with a detailed bedazzled, rhinestone bodice and a large silk bow with the end-ribbon trailing behind to transform the outfit from every day to runway!

Kate BeckinsaleTHE GOOD Kate Beckinsale floor-sweeping Ellie Saab gown beaded bodice

Take note ladies, Beckinsale gives us a lesson in true glamour! Sure, this look has been done before but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… right?

This floor-sweeping flowy Ellie Saab gown in neutral, champagne tones, shimmers and shines with the glittering, iridescent beaded bodice.

Her hair was fixed into an elegant up-do with subtle make-up and accessorised to perfection.

Simply glowing!

The Bad

Lena DunhamLena-Dunham-_glamour_11jan15_pa_b_592x888

This might just be a bit *too much* red for the red carpet, it’s a lot of fabric, which also hides her figure!

The box-like shape and structured style of the dress unflatteringly drowns Dunham. I can’t think of many people that could pull off this outfit.

The best part of the dress is the silk finish of the material but it’s far too plain for my liking, especially for an event such as this!

Jemima Kirke & Mike MosbergA double no cape whole new level Jemima Kirke & Mike Mosberg jeans and trainers

Joining her Girls co-star to take the title for one of the worst dressed at the Globes this year is Jemima Kirke, who took the cape trend to a whole new level with a Kimono inspired outfit consisting of a cropped cape and high-waisted skirt.

To make it worse, it was a double red carpet no-no, as her husband accompanied her and saw the occasion as a casual affair dressing in everyday jeans and trainers.

These are two contrasting looks that don’t make the cut, whether they’re alone or together!

The Ugly?

Lana Del ReyTHE UGLY

It’s painful for me to choose Lana Del Rey for the “ugly” category because she is, actually, such a fabulous beauty and I’m a huge fan but I can’t be biased.

She seems to be channelling a Disney-esque mermaid look in this satin, teal dress but the colour washes her out and the pleats are incredibly dated.

I love Lana for her usual retro stylings but, on this occasion, it was just a few too many steps backwards in time…

And….. that’s a wrap!

Who do you think was the best dressed? Who was defeated in the style battles?


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19 thoughts on “Fashion | Golden Globes 2015: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

  1. jillypopmusic says:

    Great post! Every year Lena Dunham picks unflattering dresses and/or colors. Last year there was an awful yellow dress. I don’t know if it’s a hipster thing or maybe just she thinks she looks good it in it and doesn’t care what the fashion police will say. Jessica Chastain and Emma Stone both looked great. I like when younger actresses dress age-appropriate instead of in Hollywood glamour gowns.

    Liked by 1 person

    • adeleinglasses says:

      My thoughts exactly, Beckinsale’s dress is such a classic style and you can’t go wrong with those colours, it’s more interesting than playing it safe with a LBD but not so bold that you end up on ‘worst dressed’ list (I’m looking at you, Lana).


    • adeleinglasses says:

      It was very…. dramatic.

      A lot of people have praised her outfit but I wasn’t a fan, there was barely any “dress” covering the front of her body!! Then again, she has a killer body at 45 so, I guess, if you’ve got it flaunt it?!


  2. Mem Barnett says:

    Something interesting I noticed is that Jessica Chastain’s and Lana Del Ray’s are basically the same dress! They have very similar silhouettes and radial pleating details, but the fabric, fit, and styling make all the difference. LOVE Emma Stone’s pants! And poor Lena will get it right eventually ><

    Liked by 1 person

    • adeleinglasses says:

      Thank you Gen, that’s so nice of you to say.

      It was hard to judge whether it was a hit or miss with Amal’s gloves, I don’t think the contrasting colour worked in her favour, I can’t imagine that being the new trend of the year either… but we will see 😉


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