Fashion | Flat Shoes BANNED From The Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet!


It has been reported that women were denied access to the premier of Carol at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday for wearing flats on the red carpet, rather than heels. This news is even more shocking to me than Sonam Kapoor’s Big Bird inspired gown on Day 6, surely there should be a ban in place for that.kingtriton

In all seriousness though, who is creating these rules?

I’m imagining someone that resembles King Triton from The Little Mermaid, I mean he doesn’t even have feet, what does he know? He does have a big mighty trident and crown though, which must make him omniscient.

Or perhaps it’s someone that lives in the dark ages and hasn’t had their narrow-mind prised open by the concept of gender equality yet?

I’m certain that the responsible (using the term mildly) individuals haven’t faced the trials and tribulations that come from wearing heels, which include becoming a contortionist and giving your feet an 8-hour sentence in these oddly shaped prisons, then attempting to balance gracefully.

We all know that red carpet events are prevalent for giving self-indulgence the spotlight, so that stars trample over each other in their spiked footwear to ensure that they beat the competition.

Ironically, Carol (the film premiere that sparked all of this controversy) is centred on how suffocatingly awful it is to have to conform to arbitrary rules. I can understand that there is a formal dress code for such events but I’m also overwhelmed with a wave of questions that have arisen from having such an archaic rule in place – get ready to answer them King Almighty.

flatsFirstly, what height do the women’s heels have to be?

For instance, would the shoes pictured to the left be considered heels or flats? If event organisers are insistent on heels, then they’re going to be need more specific (and also share some legitimate reasons for this decision).

Secondly, this rule only applies to the female demographic, why are men not restricted to wearing a specific style of shoe?

I was pleased to read that Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin are planning on supporting women by showing up to the red carpet in heels! As a further protest, I would suggest that all women in attendance should opt for the androgynous look, adopting suits for the evening. Would that be banned too?

Thirdly, what is so wrong with flat shoes anyway?

It’s perfectly possible that women can wear flats whilst retaining the expected glamour of the event. Not to mention, that the women who were banished from the condemning carpet were wearing rhinestone flats due to medical conditions, it wasn’t as if they had rolled up in their gymnastic neon Nike sport sneakers.

As a final thought, lets return to Coco Chanel’s quote at the beginning of this post, we’re living in the 21st Century, women should be allowed to be who they want to be and wear what they want to wear. If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I have been reviewing the red carpet fashions at the Cannes Film Festival day by day and evidently there have been greater fashion crimes committed than wearing a pair of flats on the showbiz runway.

Please share your opinion on #Heelgate in the comments below and let your voice be heard, surprisingly we do have one!

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