The 13 agonising stages of waiting for the Twin Peaks revival series to premiere ­čî▓­čŽë

Hello everyone! It’s certainly been a while but I’ve finally dusted off my┬áblog with a plan to make a gentle return into this space. If you didn’t already know, I’m a writer by profession (and by passion), so admittedly I’ve found it┬áa little┬ádifficult to strike a┬ábalance between writing professionally and writing personally, here on the […]

Guest Post | The Mad Men Exhibit And Matthew Weiner Interview

Originally posted on jillypopmusic:
Are you mad about Mad Men? I have watched every episode since the pilot and was hooked from day one. If you are a true fan you will love Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image. The exhibit begins with the story behind Matthew Weiner and…

Fashion | Style Spotlight: Mad Men’s Betty Draper

If you don’t already know by now, I’m a huge fan of the AMC television show Mad Men, seriously I feel like I’m repeatedly marathoning this show. One of the main reasons for my admiration is the era in which it is set, the 1960’s, and the fashion that encompasses it. The ladies of Mad […]