Motivational Monday | Be Unstoppable #LikeAGirl

Question: What does the phrase "like a girl" mean to you? In the family-comedy sports movie The Sandlot (1993), young baseball players hurl insults back and forth, when 'Ham' blurts out "You play ball like a girl!" ...but what does that mean? When did the connotation become negative and why? The leading consumer product company, Proctor … Continue reading Motivational Monday | Be Unstoppable #LikeAGirl

Motivational Monday | “Pleased to Meet You”

  After reading the Blogging101 assignment today, I decided to incorporate WordPress' Daily Prompt into my Motivational Monday post. I was considering the "pleased to meet you" prompt in terms of people that are part of our lives, whether that is for a passing second or a growing relationship over a number of years. It's plaintive … Continue reading Motivational Monday | “Pleased to Meet You”