September 2015 | Favourite Songs

Since I've been on vacation for (pretty much) the whole of September, I had very few products in my possession and out of the items that I did take with me, Maybelline Anti-Age Eraser Eye Concealer and Makeup Revolution's Mermaids VS. Unicorns Palette were my favourites, which you can read about in my previous post. So, I decided to … Continue reading September 2015 | Favourite Songs

Beauty | Make-Up Haul & Mini Reviews

Hi everyone! I'm back - and I suppose after an almost 4 week break from blogging, I have some explaining to do! Well... I've just spent the last 3 weeks on a family vacation in Orlando, Florida! Whenever I'm away on holiday I like to take a complete break from technology, as I've discussed before it's … Continue reading Beauty | Make-Up Haul & Mini Reviews

Lifestyle | Summer Read & Review: I Knew You Were Trouble, Paige Toon

The sun might already be setting on the summer but behind rose-tinted sunglasses I have satisfied my eyes with a few books this season, including Paige Toon's 'I Knew You Were Trouble.' If you want to know the premise of the book before your ice cream melts, then, in a sentence: Sunshine, rock gods and … Continue reading Lifestyle | Summer Read & Review: I Knew You Were Trouble, Paige Toon

Lifestyle | Prestige Flowers Perigueux Bouquet

Flowers are perfect for marking special occasions or as a way of treating someone... I mean, who doesn't love a beautiful bouquet of flowers arriving at their door? Personally, I love to have fresh flowers in my house year round, they can really brighten a living space and compliment the seasons. Additionally, fresh cut flowers can be a real … Continue reading Lifestyle | Prestige Flowers Perigueux Bouquet

Beauty | St. Kitts Herbery Perfume Sample Reviews

St. Kitts Herbery is an independent, family run business that is dedicated to creating luxurious products, which are formulated using the finest ingredients. The company is based in beautiful Cornwall with a second store that opened in Cardiff in 2014. If you have an opportunity to explore the website, you'll discover that it's a one-stop shop … Continue reading Beauty | St. Kitts Herbery Perfume Sample Reviews

Fashion | The Best & Worst Dressed At The CFDA Awards

The annual CFDA awards recognises outstanding contributions that have been made to American fashion from all areas of the industry and the related arts, so I thought that it was only correct to review the wardrobe choices, selecting and sharing one of my 'favourites' and 'least favourites' from the red carpet this time around! Gigi … Continue reading Fashion | The Best & Worst Dressed At The CFDA Awards