Let’s Connect!

At the height of my blogging, connecting with other like-minded individuals was easily one of my favourite aspects about creating content for the site. However, now that my work is based solely online, I have discovered a whole new forum for discussion while my blog has fallen victim to a serious case of neglect. If … Continue reading Let’s Connect!

Motivational Monday | Remember To Look Up

I have touched upon a similar topic previously for Motivational Monday in my Beauty is Everywhere and Pleased to Meet You blog posts, explaining things in our lives that we should take the time to appreciate, including anything from a beautiful sunset, a quiet 'me' moment and even a complete stranger adding brightness to our day. We are all so connected but what does … Continue reading Motivational Monday | Remember To Look Up

Fashion | Valentine’s Day Outfit: Sweet Or Sexy?

Love is in the air... whether you will be sharing Valentine's day with someone special, having animated hearts circle your head or whether you will be rekindling love with the tub of ice cream you're sure to devour, you can still dress for the occasion! It doesn't matter whether you have a romantic evening meal planned or you're … Continue reading Fashion | Valentine’s Day Outfit: Sweet Or Sexy?