Lifestyle | #TBT: Forgotten Hobbies & Unfinished Projects

Last week, I was sorting through some of my storage units from childhood that are currently in the garage and on doing so, I unearthed an old sketchbook, which had just one single painting in it. It's funny how one piece of artwork can bring back a flood of memories, I was around 14 years old when … Continue reading Lifestyle | #TBT: Forgotten Hobbies & Unfinished Projects

Fashion | Mink&Stone Giveaway Winners Announcement

Happy Monday everyone! What better way to kickstart the week than to announce the winners from my latest giveaway, which was provided courtesy of the online jewellery designer company Mink&Stone. A big thanks to everyone that entered the giveaway, I particularly enjoyed reading through all of the comments! I'm happy to reveal that the winners, from … Continue reading Fashion | Mink&Stone Giveaway Winners Announcement

Fashion | Part 2: My Mink&Stone Jewellery Designs + GIVEAWAY

Following on from the first post in this mini-series, Part 1: Become a Jewellery Designer with Mink&Stone, which explained the Mink&Stone website and jewellery design experience, I thought that I would share some of my jewellery creations and the ideas behind them. Which bracelet design is your favourite? Silver Stardust Bead Bracelet Shell Bracelet Pressed Glass Copper … Continue reading Fashion | Part 2: My Mink&Stone Jewellery Designs + GIVEAWAY

Fashion | Part 1: Become A Jewellery Designer With Mink&Stone

“Every outfit deserves the perfect piece of jewellery. We want our customers to set their style free.” Mink&Stone is an online boutique that allows you to design your own one of a kind jewellery pieces, fusing together two of my favourite things: fashion and creativity. As a little girl, I remember purchasing jewellery-making kits and, even back then, … Continue reading Fashion | Part 1: Become A Jewellery Designer With Mink&Stone