Motivational Monday | “Pleased to Meet You”

  After reading the Blogging101 assignment today, I decided to incorporate WordPress' Daily Prompt into my Motivational Monday post. I was considering the "pleased to meet you" prompt in terms of people that are part of our lives, whether that is for a passing second or a growing relationship over a number of years. It's plaintive … Continue reading Motivational Monday | “Pleased to Meet You”

Motivational Monday | #UseYourAnd

For this weeks Motivational Monday I was inspired by Gillette Venus' new global campaign that motivates people, all of us, to step outside of one-dimensional labels, even those that could be viewed as positive, because they limit our potential. When we think of labels, we think of being boxed into categories that often carry negative connotations. … Continue reading Motivational Monday | #UseYourAnd