April 2016 | Star Product Of The Month


Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick (870 Tulip)

Unique wax-free gel formula delivers high definition color with a lightweight feel.
Vivid color in one smooth swipe.

I picked up a few Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks (£2.99 each) from T.K. Maxx a couple of months ago and, subsequently, I’ve discovered some new favourites. For the purpose of this month’s star product though, I’ve chosen (870) Tulip because it’s the perfect shade for Spring, transitioning into Summer.

I love wearing coral shades throughout these seasons – whether that’s lipstick, nail polish or even clothing – but I own quite a number of bright and bold corals, so Revlon’s Ultra HD lipstick made for a refreshing change, since it is a very light peachy coral that can be built on for added colour.

The lipstick glides on easily and has a mild sweet scent with a slightly glossy finish once applied. It’s described as a ‘wax-free gel’ on the Revlon website, so that must be the reason that it feels so smooth, creamy and moisturising on the lips.

Personally, I prefer fresh and subtle makeup looks during Spring but it’s worth considering that, given the product’s consistency and texture, the lipstick lasts around 2 hours before it starts fading, but it tones down evenly to leave a very light stain on the lips.

Emma Stone.jpg

You might recall that I was a fan of Emma Stone’s Oscars 2015 red carpet look and shortly after I found out that she wore Revlon’s Ultra HD Lipstick (870 Tulip) at the event, which became another factor behind my purchase.

Summary of PRO’s:

  • Beautiful peachy coral shade, ideal for the current season.
  • Creamy and moisturising, helping lips to feel soft and hydrated throughout the day.
  • Good pigmentation that can be built upon (as required).
  • Sweet, but subtle, scent.

Please leave links to your April favourites posts below!


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Beauty | What’s In My Makeup Bag

Make-Up Header.jpgIn all of my time blogging, I can’t believe that I’ve never done a “What’s In My Makeup Bag” post. My everyday makeup bag (featured in the photo above) is filled with those products that I consider to be the ‘essentials’, since I use them (pretty much) on a daily basis. The only cosmetics that aren’t included are eyeshadows and lipsticks as I always select whether to apply those and which shades to wear based on my outfit choice.

1 – Om She Aromatherapy Powder Brush

This brush is perfect for all-over blending; it sets my make-up while providing a natural (but flawless) finished look. It’s a very soft, fluffy brush that gives good coverage with minimal effort and no fall out.

2 – Sleek ‘Cheeks’ Blusher Brush

This brush is quite slim and slightly tapered to evenly dispel a good amount of blush over apples of your cheeks. The bristles are soft and they don’t shed while providing a balanced but lightweight application.

3 – Rimmel Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Effect + Radiant Glow Concealer (010 Ivory)

This is the ideal shade of concealer for my skin tone and the formula is light and creamy, which blends helps the product to blend out smoothly. It provides sufficient coverage for under eye circles or any troublesome areas and it instantly brightens up your face – truly living up to its “Wake Me Up” title.

4 – Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation (4 Light Porcelain)

If you’re pale skinned (like me) and have trouble finding a suitable foundation then this might be worth trying. The shade of the foundation is fair and light and the consistency is light and hydrating, but also creamy and smooth. Once applied, it gives a light to medium coverage, which is easily buildable too (depending on your personal preferences).

5 – L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Powder (Beige Rose)

I use this powder to set my foundation, the super silky formula blends really easily and provides smooth all-over coverage while combatting any unwanted oil and/or shine on the face. For me, one application in the morning is enough but it’s a small compact to carry around in case you need a top up throughout the day.

6 – The Little Mermaid Mirror

I always like to keep a small mirror in my makeup bag so that I can make any necessary touch up’s to my face throughout the day.

7 – Blending Sponge

I received this blending tool as part of a ‘goody bag’ offered by Swarovski after making a purchase in one of their stores and I haven’t stopped using it ever since then. The cone-shaped sponge provides a flawless application for any base product, including primer, foundation and concealer. The overall look is natural and dewy with ample coverage.

8 – Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit (C01 Ultra Fair)

This palette contains a matte bronzer, shimmery highlighter and pearlescent blusher, which allows you to sculpt and contour your face in three quick and easy steps. The powders compliment each other beautifully and blend well together, so you can keep the overall look very sheer or build it up, depending on what type of brush you use to apply the product. It creates the maximum effect with minimum effort!

9 – Clinique Long Last Soft Shine Lipstick (Perfect Beige)

I always like to keep this lipstick in my handbag for those occasions that I decide against wearing a bold lip colour and/or forget to pick up a different shade on my way out of the door. This is a pale, sandy fawn colour that lasts well but is also creamy, soft and moisturising to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.

10 – Collection Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner (Black 1)

Collection’s eyeliner is easy to control and the liquid itself is highly pigmented, which means that it lasts all day without the need of another application. Bonus: It’s amazingly affordable too!

11 – Rimmel Wake Me Up Wonder’Full Mascara (Black 001 – With Vitamins & Cucumber)

This mascara promises a conditioning and hydrating formula, which lengthens and lifts lashes while providing a cooling sensation, as a result of the super special ingredient: cucumber extract. The Wake Me Up precision brush is shaped to fit the lash line, meaning that all of the lashes are covered in just one sweep.

12 – Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara (Medium Brown)

This mascara has a round-tipped wand, which makes it easy to apply and distribute the product gently and evenly through the eyebrows to sculpt them into shape.

13 – Beauty Muse Eyeshadow Brush

I discovered that the Beauty Muse brushes are meant to be (as close to) a dupe for the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection but for a more affordable price and I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the range. This particular brush is quite small and flat, which helps you to really get into the creases and blend shadows effortlessly.

What are your everyday makeup essentials?


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March 2016 | Happiness Highlights


Since we are fast approaching the end of another month, I thought that I would find some time to share my happiness highlights from March. You know what they say, better late than never!

#1: To welcome in the start of a new month I created a week long ‘to-do’ list with multiple tasks to complete each day. Day one proved to be a success with everything being ticked off.

#2: I had a very early start this morning but when I opened my blinds it was snowing! A beautiful start to an otherwise ordinary Wednesday.

#3: I officially passed over my first month working with Screen Rant! Click the image below to read through my articles and catch up on the latest movie/TV related news.

Screen Rant Profile

#4: Finishing work and having a takeaway as a treat to start the weekend.

#5: Going out for the day, walking along the pier to the beach and later enjoying a meal with Stephen at Pizza Hut.

#6: Celebrating Mother’s Day and knowing that my mum appreciated her handmade card but not nearly as much as I appreciate her.

#7: Gently breaking into Monday morning (and the start of the week) with a cup of tea while browsing the internet. 

#8: International Women’s Day – Feeling empowered while reading about influential women and witnessing all of the support and positivity being exchanged within the community.

#9: Inspirational woman and costume designer Janie Bryant favourited and thanked me for my tweet about her.


#10: The smell of freshly baked cakes throughout the house.

#11: Finishing work and relaxing with Stephen!

#12: We purchased a second PS4 controller and subsequently had fun playing an assortment of games (namely Lego Jurassic World) for most of the evening.

#13: A perfect Sunday: Cuddling and an afternoon nap!

#14: Taking some time out from our usual schedules to enjoy some bird-chirping weather.

#15: Managing to establish a better sleeping pattern and routine to take full advantage of my days.

#16: Having complete support from my family, always.

#17: Passing my trial period and levelling up with Screen Rant!

#18: Officially registering as self-employed and hiring an accountant.

#19: Celebrating Delly Day – This is an annual ‘occasion’ created by Stephen ❤

#20: Snuggling on the sofa watching movies.


#21: The first signs of Spring!

#22: Having an early night, getting into my PJ’s and relaxing in my bed, complete with fresh sheets.

#23: Feeling very fortunate to be on the receiving end of some exciting job opportunities.


#24: A shopping day in Liverpool, concluded with a coke float and dinner in Ed’s Easy Diner.

#25: Completing an early shift to then start a long weekend for Easter.

#26: Spending some quality time with the whole family, which included plenty of laughs and cuddles with my niece.


#27: Happy Easter! Today we had a family movie day, comprising of: The Good Dinosaur 3D (2015), The Shawshank Redemption (1994) and Alice in Wonderland 3D (2010).

#28: Watching the shocking season finale of Twin Peaks as we reach the end of another unforgettable TV show marathon.

#29: One of my favourite actors, Kyle MacLachlan, liked my Tweet!

#30: My parents very kindly surprised us with some additional Easter goodies.

#31: Reaching another milestone and publishing my 250th news article with Yahoo Celebrity.

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What made you happy last month?


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March 2016 | Star Product Of The Month

Sleek Collage (1)

Sleek i-Divine ‘Vintage Romance’ Eyeshadow Palette

There are so many eyeshadow palettes on the market but I’ve simply fallen in love with this ‘Vintage Romance’ Sleek palette.

It contains 12 super pigmented eyeshadows, perfect to transform your look from day to night, especially since there is one (slightly more) matte dark colour, ideal for creating definition and a classic smoky effect.

The pearlescent shades are out of this world, each one contains mica particles that serve to highlight and illuminate, providing a radiant, wide-eyed effect.

Sleek Swatches

The silver, gold and bronze shadows are all highly wearable, while the purple, pink and navy colours add something completely unique to my collection.

Furthermore, the mix of shimmers and matte shades blend beautifully together, so that you can create an interesting array of looks that really POP!

As for the packaging, matching its brand name, you could describe it as sleek. The palette case is matte black, sturdy and slim, which makes it very practical for travel.

Additionally, the inside cover includes a full-length mirror, which makes good use of the space and contains a plastic sheet featuring all of the romantically inclined shadow names.

In a nutshell: This is a reliable product with an extraordinary colour payoff and a high-quality formulation, making it incredibly long lasting.

What would your ‘star product of the month’ be?


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★☆ What I Got For My 26th Birthday ☆★


Where does a month go? That’s the question that I find myself asking as we head towards the final days of March. I celebrated my 26th birthday on the 27th of February, over a month ago now. I had an absolutely incredible time, which mostly involved spending time with loved ones over an extended timeout from work.

I decided to share some of the gifts that I received, since I have enjoyed reading these types of blog posts in the past myself. You should know that I didn’t actually ask for anything in particular for my birthday, so I had plenty of surprises, which also served to prove just how well everyone knows me.

I’m extremely grateful for everything that I unwrapped but, first and foremost, I have to acknowledge my one-of-a-kind birthday cake. My mum had been working away at it for days prior to the BIG REVEAL, so I really appreciated the time and care that had gone into it – plus, it tasted delicious too!

Birthday Cake.jpg

As I received the movies for my birthday, it was a ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ themed cake and included 26 hand-crafted fondant icing trees. Unfortunately, the photo doesn’t pick up all of the glitter that made the snow glisten and sparkle. AMAZING!

Speaking of presents…

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Special Edition Plush Toys

Mickey And Minnie.jpg

I might be in my mid-twenties but I’m of the belief that you are never too old for Disney-related ANYTHING. I own quite a few (understatement of the century) Disney plush toys but I particularly liked this “Special Edition” set because, if there’s one thing that I don’t have, it’s Mickey and Minnie mouse dressed for the beach and that is surely a necessity of life.

BaByliss PRO Volare Ferrari Hair Dryer


You might recall that I featured this product in my ‘October Favourites‘ last year, citing it as the best hairdryer ever. To add further credibility to that statement, I received this as a present for my ever-growing collection of “bottom drawer” items. The hairdryer contains a Ferrari designed V/2 engine to support the six heat/speed settings and “turbo shot” instant boost. Quick, stylish and effective!

A Selection Of Beauty Products

Beauty Products.jpg

To be more specific (left-to-right): Barbara Daly Lip Collection (Sheer Lip Melt – Shade Bold/Velvet Cream Lipstick – Shade Stylish/Liquid Lipstick – Shade Blush), Sleek Eyeshadow Palette (Vintage Romance), O.P.I. Nail Lacquer (The Sky’s My Limit) and Marilyn Monroe ‘Bombshell’ Fragrance Set. I have really enjoyed trying out all of these products and I would HIGHLY recommend the Sleek palette, which I’ll be featuring in another blog post soon – watch this space.

Betsey Johnson ‘Cray Cray Creatures’ Bear Clutch


Betsey Johnson is an American fashion designer best known for her feminine and whimsical designs, I own a number of jewellery pieces from her range but this is my first bag and I think it’s super cute. It has a long gold chain, which can be removed so that it can be worn as a cross body, shoulder or clutch bag. The leather, gold-studded eye-patch makes it a bit more ‘edgy’ (well, as edgy as a teddy bear bag can be) but this can also be removed.

Nour London Crystal Teddy Bear Necklace

Teddy Bear Necklace.jpg

Being an arctophile, this necklace has my name written all over it… Well, not literally, my name isn’t “Nour London” – but that is the name of one of the most innovative jewellery design companies in the UK. The piece is understated with its delicate nature and unassuming colours but it still has enough sparkle to draw the attention of the eye. Quite unique!

‘Route 66’ American Diner Mug

American Diner Mug.jpg

These mugs have become another bottom drawer item, I really like the design of them, especially since I dig the whole 1950/60’s American diner vibe. Over time I have collected quite a number of retro-looking pieces as I really hope to introduce this theme into my future kitchen. My morning cup of joe has never looked better!

007 Royal Doulton ‘Jack the Bulldog’ (Spectre)


Being a self-confessed cinephile, I was absolutely thrilled to open this 007 collectable, it is certainly one of my most memorable gifts. In case you missed it, Jack the Bulldog is famous for his cameo in Skyfall (2012), but returned to the screen once more in Spectre (2015). The Royal Doulton figures are hand-made and hand decorated by skilled ceramic artists. Unfortunately the photo doesn’t do the piece justice, it is an extremely detailed reproduction of the original model.

Tomorrowland Pin Badges (1964/1984)


Now to combine two of my favourite things: Disney and movies. These Tomorrowland badges are wonderful replicas, cast in real-metal with bold colours, they look exactly like the lapel pins featured in the 2015 movie. Now you might be wondering whether it transported me to the futuristic cityscape… but that would be telling!

Blu-rays Galore



Stephen's Blu-rays

Just in case you were ever in doubt about my movie/television obsession, I received a heap of Blu-ray’s for my birthday, after all they’re always a safe bet. Since I already have an extensive collection, a lot of the titles here are quite new as it is a little easier for family/friends to keep track of whether or not I own recent releases (rather than back catalogue titles). There are a few that I haven’t watched here, so I’m looking forward to checking them out.

A Collection Of CD’s


I have an eclectic music taste, so I’m always happy to update and refresh my CD collection, I’ll give anything a listen once! However, a couple of these choices have been on my wish list for a short while. Understandably so, all of the discs have been on a constant rotation through my Hi-Fi this past month.

Once again, I just want to extend a huge thanks to everyone that sent birthday wishes, cards or gave these wonderful gifts to me. I feel well and truly spoiled!

Do you have any birthday celebrations coming up?


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February 2016 | Happiness Highlights


#1: New month = New positivity. February is one of my favourite months of year and there are plenty of good times ahead!

#2: HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY! Today I started a new job and after reaching the final sentence in my first assignment, I lost all of my work. After resigning myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to retrieve it, I re-wrote the article again. Whilst it certainly wasn’t funny at the time, I found humour in the situation later. I persevered and my first piece was published (read it by clicking the image below).

Twin Peaks.png

#3: I have been hit with a bad virus – and with it comes a multitude of symptoms – but I have been taken care of (day and night) by family, which has made me feel well loved.

#4: Today I completely lost my voice but my parents kept me entertained on the car journey to the doctors, which lifted my spirits. I was laughing, albeit silently.

#5: Dancing to music while packing my suitcase for the weekend #FridayFeeling

#6: Stephen and I were both wiped out from our weeks (and our viruses) so we had a chilled out weekend. A highlight being playing Lego Jurassic World together!

#7: After a relaxing weekend, I had a burst of energy at the end of the night, which helped me to relieve some of the pressures ahead of the coming week.

#8: Even though it was a gloomy Monday weather-wise, I ticked off everything on my ‘to-do’ list and that felt GREAT!

Pancakes (1).jpg

#9: HAPPY PANCAKE DAY! Fun fact: I was born on pancake day back in 1990, so we always like to celebrate with syrup-filled pancakes and ice cream.

#10: Taking a break to have a chat with my mum over lunch.

#11: After a very busy day, I enjoying sinking into my bed early to unwind, browse the internet and then catch up on the all-important Zzz’s.

#12: I had some more free time today, which allowed me to give my rooms a thorough clean while listening to music – truly therapeutic!

#13: A film night that consisted of eating Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream and wearing onesies!

#14: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Feeling loved and feeling happy, after a perfect day that concluded with a viewing of The Little Mermaid (1989), I couldn’t stop smiling.

Little Mermaid Favs

#15: Enjoying an extended weekend and going on a shopping trip with my mum and Stephen, it was a lovely (and well-earned) break from our ordinary routines.

#16: On our final day off before returning to work, Stephen and I themed our outfits to some of our favourite movies. I wore a Back to the Future sweater and he wore a Star Wars t-shirt.

#17: After my dad spent three days away on a business trip, it was nice to see him arrive home safely and walk through the door. We spent the rest of the evening (literally hours) chatting and catching up.

#18: Starting a new television series (American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson) after work, we were all hooked.

#19: Having a successful day at work with my articles making the front page and finishing for another weekend!

#20: Stephen and I made our own pancakes for lunch and then went on a nice long walk together.

#21: Laughter is the best medicine and we could not stop laughing at the silliest of things this morning.

Feb Favs Cake.jpg

#22: My mum started creating my birthday cake and shared the theme with me, which is Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

#23: I received a compliment about my work background and portfolio from an industry professional, which helped me to feel more confident and assured in my abilities.

#24: Catching up with an old friend, which had been long overdue. 

#25: I had a lovely day out with my mum and we both got our hair done at the hairdressers, I felt 10x lighter after it!

#26: The official start to my extended birthday weekend. We kicked off the celebrations with lots of wonderful gifts and enjoying my favourite cuisine – a chinese!

#27: MY BIRTHDAY! I spent the day with my family and I saw my adorable niece Evelyn (18 months old), who never fails to make me feel happy. I also enjoyed going on a walk with Stephen and my brother with his dog Einstein. Later we had a delicious buffet and we cut into the birthday cake. Mmm!

Feb Favs.jpg

#28: Watching the Narnia films with mum, dad and Stephen – a proper family night!

#29: Since it was a leap day we all booked the time off work and made the most of the day together. We even managed to squeeze in the final Narnia film, which acted as the perfect piece of escapism before returning to work.

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Please share one of your happiness highlights from the previous month below!


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February 2016 | Star Product Of The Month

Star Product 1

Makeup Revolution Sculpt & Contour Kit (Ultra Fair)

Achieve SCULPTED & CONTOURED Professional Excellence.
BRONZE & BLUSH Powders to achieve precise contour and HIGHLIGHTERS to finish by brightening and illuminating.

Contouring has been the beauty secret of the stars for years but more recently the makeup trend has gained popularity and beauty brands are catering to all levels of skill and expertise. I was keen to experiment with this technique myself but, as a beginner, I didn’t want to commit to an expensive product.

Enter Makeup Revolution – the brand that offers a comprehensive range of cosmetics and beauty tools at affordable prices. I picked up the Sculpt & Contour Kit because the powders appeared to be the perfect shades for my skin tone and it only cost £3.50, so it wouldn’t be a major loss if it didn’t turn out to be right for me.

Star Product 1 copy.jpg

Swatches left to right: The palette contains a matte bronzer, shimmery highlighter and shimmery blusher.

The bronzer is a highly pigmented warm-toned brown, though it isn’t completely dusty as it actually has a slightly satin finish once applied, which helps to provide a flawless finish.

The highlighter is a white-based champagne, it is a neutral shade and applies very light with a pearlescent shimmer, which makes your skin appear bright and fresh.

The blusher is a peach shade with a golden shimmer running through it, it is highly pigmented, meaning that you won’t need to apply a lot to achieve your desired look.

Makeup Revolution’s Sculpt & Contour Kit has quickly become a handbag essential for me because all of the shades are extremely beautiful and suitable for everyday wear. The powders are easy to blend, so you can keep the look very sheer or build it up, depending on what type of brush you use but – regardless of that – it will create the maximum effect with minimum effort.

Star Product 2

Please leave links to your February favourites posts below!


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Lifestyle | Which Disney Princess Millennial Are You?

If you have grown up on a diet of Disney movies then you more than likely have established your favourite princess by now. Perhaps she has similar physical attributes, a matching personality or comparable interests.

But have you ever wondered what your beloved princess would look like if she was a millennial woman like the rest of us? Well, canadian artist Anoosha Syed has given the fairytale females a modern-day makeover.

In an #OOTD style post, each character illustration shares their updated look with the Instagram-age, while still maintaining aspects of their personality. In my opinion, these are some of the best reimaginings that I’ve ever seen.

I have created these collages featuring the beautiful illustrations and details about each of their characters. Let the princess parade begin…

Jasmine (The Travel Blogger)

Jasmine Collage.jpg

Belle (The Fan Girl)

Belle Collage.jpg

Tiana (The Entrepreneur)

Tiana Collage.jpg

Mulan (The Cadet)

Mulan Collage.jpg

Jane (The Research Assistant) 

Jane Collage


Esmeralda (The Ballet Dancer)

Esmeralda Collage.jpg

Pocahontas (The Linguist)

Pocahontas Collage.jpg

Ariel (The Anthropologist)

Ariel Collage.jpg

Snow White (The Social Media Queen)

Snow White Collage.jpg

Merida (The Punk Rocker)

Merida Collage.jpg

Which Disney princess millennial would you be?


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Blogging | Invite & Earn With Webfluential*

I’m writing this post because I have had a couple of bloggers email me directly to ask about my blogging experience and whether there are any tools or resources that have helped me to manage and advance my blog over the past year. While I’m certainly not an expert on the subject, I have responded with any knowledge that I do have, which made me wonder: How many other bloggers have these same questions?

I’m currently signed up to a number of blogging networks for various reasons but, for the purpose of this post, I’m going to focus on Webfluential – an online marketplace that provides a platform for brands (aka ‘buyers’) to connect, engage and transact with influencers (aka ‘sellers’), as a blog owner you’re likely to fall into the latter of these categories.

Whether it’s Chanelle having an influence on my ever-growing makeup wish list or it’s Rob encouraging me to maintain a healthy lifestyle or it’s Jay (& Co.) prompting my next cinema ticket purchase – we’re all influencers and we run in the same circles. We learn from each other, we ask each other questions and we give each other advice.

As an influencer, you have the opportunity to carefully accept brand collaborations based on your target markets and audience demographics. Personally, I haven’t explored this feature to its full capacity because I, first, wanted to concentrate on building a sharp looking media kit. Your reach, relevance and resonance will be calculated once you have connected your social media accounts. This media kit will act as an overview of your online influence, showcasing data and statistics from your blog and social media profiles. Webfluential offers a range of banners, buttons and badges that can then be added to your blog page to link directly to your media kit, making it easily accessible to all.

Alternatively, the Webfluential branded logos can be used for an entirely different purpose: The ‘Invite and Earn’ growth hack. You simply download the badges from your influencer tool kit and then hyperlink them to your unique ‘Invite and Earn’ URL.



For each person that signs up to the platform, you will be rewarded financially – consider it a big pat on the back for spreading the word and helping other bloggers to get on board. This creates somewhat of a domino effect as the more people that successfully sign up from your link, the more money that you will earn – those new members then have the option to go on their own quest to get their followers connected.

Of course – if you are interested in setting yourself up on the platform then I would really appreciate it if you would connect with me via this link: https://goo.gl/k1M0cw

If you have any unanswered questions you can visit the FAQ’s page or leave them in the comments section below. If you found this post interesting/useful then please let me know, as I would be happy to share and discuss additional blogging resources and tools in the future.

Which blogging networks do you use?


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January 2016 | Happiness Highlights


On 1st January I wrote a post titled: “365 Reasons To Be Happy“, where I vowed to write down one reason to be happy at the end of every day. This idea had a really positive response from readers, so I thought that I would share my monthly happiness highlights.

#1: It is the start of a new year and it can be whatever I want it to be, the days ahead are unwritten.

#2: Starting television marathons and on this occasion it is one of my favourites: Twin Peaks (1990). 

Twin Peaks.jpg

“Diane, I’m holding in my hand a small box of chocolate bunnies.”

#3: Pulling the last of the Christmas crackers with Stephen, wearing the colourful paper hats and laughing (a bit too much) at the cheesy jokes – because we refuse to let Christmas go!

#4: Chatting to Stephen during his lunch break and knowing that he values my support as much as I appreciate the support that he offers me.

#5: Even though the last of the Christmas decorations have been boxed for another year, it has been a perfect time to reflect and appreciate the wonderful time spent with family and loved ones – who really know how to make Christmas the most special time of year.

#6: Spending time in the blogosphere and reading a variety of blogs, as well as appreciating all of the positive comments on my first post of 2016: HERE.


#7: Taking a break and spending the afternoon watching Little Women (1949) with my mum, who remembered the film fondly from her childhood.

#8: My job and, equally, it’s FRIDAY!

#9: Staying up late and chatting/reminiscing about all of the good times.

#10: Being snuggled up inside when it’s so cold outside.

#11: David Bowie’s tragic death has served as a reminder that time is finite but you can still pack multiple live and adventures into the years that you have – make every year count.


[Credit @Helengreeen]

#12: Chatting to my parents, we have plenty of laughs!

#13: Fresh bedding and a heated blanket = Bliss.

#14: Writing; I have written and published six blog posts this week, including three for a job application.

#15: Finishing work and picking up Stephen to start our weekend – this is, arguably, my favourite time of any given week.

#16: Watching Begin Again (2014) whilst it snowed outside; quite magical!


#17: Taking important steps towards our future plans.

#18: Lazy Monday’s ❤

#19: Having some ‘me-time’ and reconnecting with my hobbies.

#20: BLUE skies and SUNSHINE, despite low temperatures. 

#21: Not giving up on my dreams and being proactive about it.


#22: Giving my dad his home-made birthday card and starting to plan my own birthday next month.

#23: Huddling under an umbrella and successfully staying dry from A > B.

#24: Watching video footage from our Florida vacation last year – nothing but happy memories from the happiest place on Earth!

#25: Discussing possible vacation plans for the not-so-distant future.


#26: Chatting to my brother on WhatsApp, it’s always good to catch up, even if we don’t have very serious conversations!

#27: Securing more freelance work after receiving a positive response on one of my applications AND the official countdown has begun: It’s ONE MONTH until my BIRTHDAY!

#28: Disconnecting for a few hours and enjoying an afternoon coffee.

#29: Realising that 2016 is a leap year and this time next month will be the leap day – an extra day of happiness!


#30: Seeing others smile; I complimented everyone around me today.

#31: Finishing the first season of Twin Peaks (1990) and laughing over the ‘in-jokes’ that we have for 99.9% of the television shows that we watch (Stephen and I share the same ‘unique’ sense of humour)!

What made you happy this month?


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