Freelancing: Between A Rock And A Hard Place


In true millennial fashion, my major life change started on social media with a scroll down my Twitter feed.

After taking the elevator down from the corporate world with a heart full of passion, enthusiasm and determination, I walked up the steep stairs of self-employment, equipped with my laptop, serving as a portal to a recondite realm of unexplored opportunities.

In one particularly serendipitous moment, when wearing my newly unemployed status as a badge of honour (signifying a pursuit of personal fulfilment and maximum potential), my first freelancing opportunity appeared right before my eyes, smack bang in the middle of my timeline.

One job application, challenging trial shift and sigh of relief later, I had found my comfort zone once more. And for the remainder of the year, I expanded my writing portfolio while at the same time mastering my craft and earning an income greater than my previous senior management level position, working full-time.

The very next year, I acquired a new skill worthy of a slot on my resume as I learned how to juggle multiple projects, clients and different types of work. With a jam-packed schedule and an increase in productivity, I established greater financial security and a new personal best on my ‘per annum’ figure.

Finally, I was giving myself my best chance. I was chasing my dreams and surviving, in fact I was not only surviving, I was thriving… BUT (there’s always a but) this was not my “happily ever after”, it was just another chapter in my freelance story. And like every good plot, I started to encounter some unsuspected twists and turns.

I was presented with the classical dilemma between the head and the heart; I soon realised that the projects that I had been enjoying the most and the clients who appeared to really value my work were the same ones that were unable to offer the level of compensation that I earned elsewhere.

My heart told me to stick with it but my head – surrounded by mounting bills and a stagnate bank balance – told me to grab on to the nearest buoy (or the next available opportunity) to keep my head above water. I managed to preserve some of my beloved smaller gigs, relying on them for extra support like armbands, while others regrettably sunk to the darkest depths of the ocean.

Somewhere on my way back to the shore, here in 2017 (my third year of freelancing), I have found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place, reaching out to a number of companies offering my services and in response receiving an admirable level of honesty from those prospective clients:

I’m afraid our staff news positions are all filled at present (and our freelance rates are literally peanuts!).

We mostly publish articles from fans who are trying to gain exposure and make a name for themselves. I have a feeling that is not what you are looking for.

Meanwhile, I remain out at sea, floating upon these turbulent waves of highs and lows while searching for a beacon of light to guide me forward on my journey.

Lighthouse keepers, reach out:


Bloggers – please share your advice below!


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11 thoughts on “Freelancing: Between A Rock And A Hard Place

  1. fantasiwriter says:

    I made my commitment to be a freelancer full time on September 1st. I had another full time job by September 6th. I hit a pretty significant financial snag that made it near impossible to start freelancing from scratch and deal with no income. I made a choice to get another full time job and let my freelance go back to the part-time shelf of hell.
    The upside of this new full time job is the fact that it’s a contract and has the option to work from home occasionally. I make better money than my last job, plus benefits, and I still have a fair amount of time to work on my freelancing.
    I don’t have any advice other than go with your gut. I realize that’s probably not super helpful, but I have to say it’s been working for me so far. I’m getting slowly, slowly out of debt and building a base to freelance full time by next year (if things keep going as planned) because I went with instinct rather than over analyzing everything (my usual tact).
    Good luck, dearie! I’m following for future help.

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    • adeleinglasses says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on this post, it’s great to hear from someone who is in a similar situation. It sounds like you have a solid plan for the future; I know many people start their freelance journey by moonlighting alongside a full-time job, allowing them to grow the business on the side before making the full-time commitment. For me, freelancing has been all about determination and perseverance. After experiencing success as a freelancer for two years, I’m not willing to give up on it, I’m just praying the right opportunity will come along. I’ve had a glimmer of hope arrive in my inbox this afternoon, so perhaps the tides will turn in the right direction soon. Good luck to you as well, I’m positive that everything will work out for the both of us. 🙂


  2. pmukaka says:

    Hi Adele I like your work,..pretty inspiring, I started a freelancing website called would you mind sharing it with your friends. Thank you, I actually dont cut writers a dime if they bring their clients on board,.. Thanks 🙂

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  3. Dzenan Skulj says:

    Interesting story but not an unusual in the world of freelancing or entrepreneurship. While the worst is probably behind you, I’d say you’re still no out of the wood and will encounter similar challenges going forward which you MUST overcome at all cost. I mean, you’ve come this far and giving up at this point to go back to being a ‘modern slave’ once again would most certainly be very sad. So stick to your guns young lady.

    While I’m positive you’ll find the way to build a healthy pipeline of prospects which you’ll eventually turn to paying clients, you’re welcome to register on our freelancing platform Parttimerz ( in search of quality clients who could hire you for your skills.

    I also run an interesting blog on entrepreneurship and freelancing with intention to provide insight, inspiration and guidance to both entrepreneurs and professional freelancers alike, so we could possibly do an interview blog post which could give you additional visibility 🙂

    Let me know if you’re interested to be featured on my blog…here’s the link to give you a taste of what it’s all about.


    P.S. No matter what DON’T ever give up. I’ve learned that one can’t fail unless she quits…so keep going young lady 😉

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    • adeleinglasses says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment and sharing your words of encouragement, I really appreciate it. After a year of turbulence, perhaps you could sense that I was starting to reach the end of it but I’m an eternally optimistic person and remain hopeful that this situation will turn itself around soon. I welcome any recommendations or leads, so I’ll be checking out Parttimerz and your own blog shortly. Thanks again!

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