June 2016 | Happiness Highlights

What Makes You Happy? [Jan Happiness Highlights]

June was a month filled with highs and lows, but writing my Happiness Highlights allowed me to focus on the positive and appreciate each passing day, whatever the case may be.

#1: Indulging in my favourite treat, a Chinese takeaway (char siu fried rice).

#2: Family coming together to support one another following a bereavement.

#3: Despite some doubts, not allowing fear of failure to stand in the way of my dreams.

#4: Starting our weekend and continuing our X-Files marathon.

June 1.jpg

#5: A hot summer’s day, spending time with my brother and his family, while playing ‘kitchen’ with my niece in the garden.

#6: Listening to one of my favourite albums at the moment – Lukas Graham, which also became my most-played record of the month.

#7: The annual tradition of watching the Big Brother Live Launch with my parents – and their hilarious commentary.

#8: Getting over the hump of the week. Phew!

#9: Celebrating National Freelancers Day and the fact that I have been self-employed for one year, four months.

#10: Arriving at Stephen’s house and finally relaxing after a long working week.

#11: Going for a lovely long walk (and the rain holding off for us).

#12: Cosying up and watching The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) whilst it rained outside – we knew it was coming!

#13: Starting and finishing work for the week.

#14: The sanctuary of my own bedroom – switching on my Phillips LivingColors lamp, getting into my pyjamas and snuggling into bed.

June 2.jpg

#15: A therapeutic day to myself to clean and tidy the house.

#16: Having my family – and Stephen’s support – attending my cousin’s funeral.

#17: Taking a fun shopping trip to Liverpool after a short hospital visit.

#18: The greatest (and most appreciated) lie in, ever.

June 3.jpg

#19: Celebrating Father’s day with the greatest dad in the world! 

#20: Blue skies and sunshine on the first day of summer.

#21: A slice of lemon cake with a cup of tea – the perfect combination.

#22: Receiving a phone call from Stephen after his hospital procedure. ♥

#23: Enjoying more free time and a mini pamper session.

June 4

#24: Taking care of Stephen after returning home from his procedure.

#25: Watching a comedy (Daddy’s Home) to lift our spirits!

#26: An unexpected, extended weekend (kind of).

#27: Finishing work and watching the UEFA EURO (England V Iceland) match with Stephen.

June 5.jpg

#28: A yummy dessert; sweet pancakes and strawberries.

#29: The freedom of not having to set an alarm.

#30: Being wrapped up indoors during a torrential downpour. #MyFavouriteCosyWeather

My blogging friend Chanelle recently joined in with this activity, sharing her Happiness Highlights for May and June, so please check those out and help to spread more smiles!

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What made you happy this month?


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    • adeleinglasses says:

      Aww, thank you. I found this post hidden in my drafts, so I thought that I would still publish it, even though it’s a bit late (oops)! I’ve missed the blogging community too, but it’s been heartwarming to return and see so many visitors/likes/comments in my absence. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick it back up now and jump in with everyone else’s blogs! xx

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