May 2016 | Happiness Highlights

What Makes You Happy? [Jan Happiness Highlights]

You might have been wondering whether I’d jumped into a DeLorean time machine recently, since that would provide a reasonable explanation for 1) My absence, and, 2) Writing about May in July. Unfortunately though, the actual reason is far less exciting, so in an effort to now catch up on blogging, here are my happiness highlights from the month of May:

#1: Movie night and Papa John’s takeaway pizza.

#2: Looking through last year’s holiday photos and getting them printed for our photo album.

May 1.jpg

#3: Celebrating my brother’s birthday.

#4: Indulging my creative side and designing a series of fashion boards for an upcoming blog post, which can now be read here: Summer Style, Trends & Tips.

#5: Creating an online portfolio so that all of my work-related articles can be viewed from one place; check it out on Contently

#6: Taking a cool shower after a long, warm day.

#7: Losing hours, in what feels like minutes, just chatting to Stephen.

#8: Eating ice cream in the glorious sunshine.

May 2.jpg

#9: Listening to The Beach Boys for the ultimate summer vibes.

#10: Catching up on internet-related activities including emails, blogs and forums.

#11: An unexpected midweek visit to Stephen’s house (after losing my internet connection mid-shift).

#12: Waking up to an internet connection again – and trust me, this is a legitimate reason to be happy when you rely on it for work.

#13: The satisfaction of finishing work for the week. #FridayFeeling

#14: Eurovision Song Contest party – an annual occasion.

#15: Listening to Disney songs (and lip syncing to them like a pro’) while getting ready for the day.

May 3.jpg

#16: Writing.

#17: Getting organised and up to date with all of my tasks, especially (the dreaded) freelancing paperwork.

#18: Having some quiet time to myself.

#19: Buying a present for my niece that is (suitably) fit for a princess!

#20: The freshness of the air after it has rained.

#21: Laughing with Stephen (aka the best medicine).

May 4.jpg

#22: Movie night (The Lego Movie 3D) complete with popcorn.

#23: Managing to secure some additional work to make my whole freelancing situation more stable.

#24: Waking up early and having some time to myself before starting my shift.

#25: Falling asleep to the sound of the rain – so relaxing!

May 5.jpg

#26: Successfully completing a packed (but productive) schedule.

#27: Finishing work and relaxing into the long weekend.

#28: An afternoon filled with ice cream and movies (namely The Aristocats).

#29: Soaking in the warmer weather during a shopping trip.

May 6.jpg

#30: Driving amid a beautiful pink-hued sunset.

#31: A mother’s hug 🙂

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Please share your happiness highlights from the previous month below!


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