April 2016 | Star Product Of The Month


Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick (870 Tulip)

Unique wax-free gel formula delivers high definition color with a lightweight feel.
Vivid color in one smooth swipe.

I picked up a few Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks (£2.99 each) from T.K. Maxx a couple of months ago and, subsequently, I’ve discovered some new favourites. For the purpose of this month’s star product though, I’ve chosen (870) Tulip because it’s the perfect shade for Spring, transitioning into Summer.

I love wearing coral shades throughout these seasons – whether that’s lipstick, nail polish or even clothing – but I own quite a number of bright and bold corals, so Revlon’s Ultra HD lipstick made for a refreshing change, since it is a very light peachy coral that can be built on for added colour.

The lipstick glides on easily and has a mild sweet scent with a slightly glossy finish once applied. It’s described as a ‘wax-free gel’ on the Revlon website, so that must be the reason that it feels so smooth, creamy and moisturising on the lips.

Personally, I prefer fresh and subtle makeup looks during Spring but it’s worth considering that, given the product’s consistency and texture, the lipstick lasts around 2 hours before it starts fading, but it tones down evenly to leave a very light stain on the lips.

Emma Stone.jpg

You might recall that I was a fan of Emma Stone’s Oscars 2015 red carpet look and shortly after I found out that she wore Revlon’s Ultra HD Lipstick (870 Tulip) at the event, which became another factor behind my purchase.

Summary of PRO’s:

  • Beautiful peachy coral shade, ideal for the current season.
  • Creamy and moisturising, helping lips to feel soft and hydrated throughout the day.
  • Good pigmentation that can be built upon (as required).
  • Sweet, but subtle, scent.

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6 thoughts on “April 2016 | Star Product Of The Month

  1. Chanelle says:

    This colour looks so lovely and vibrant – perfect for spring/summer! This actually reminds me a little bit of a Revlon lip butter I have in the shade Tutti Frutti and it’s just as beautiful and bright 🙂 You asked for links to April Favourites posts but I always feel a little guilty promoting myself/my blog on someone else’s.

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