Lifestyle | Which Disney Princess Millennial Are You?

If you have grown up on a diet of Disney movies then you more than likely have established your favourite princess by now. Perhaps she has similar physical attributes, a matching personality or comparable interests.

But have you ever wondered what your beloved princess would look like if she was a millennial woman like the rest of us? Well, canadian artist Anoosha Syed has given the fairytale females a modern-day makeover.

In an #OOTD style post, each character illustration shares their updated look with the Instagram-age, while still maintaining aspects of their personality. In my opinion, these are some of the best reimaginings that I’ve ever seen.

I have created these collages featuring the beautiful illustrations and details about each of their characters. Let the princess parade begin…

Jasmine (The Travel Blogger)

Jasmine Collage.jpg

Belle (The Fan Girl)

Belle Collage.jpg

Tiana (The Entrepreneur)

Tiana Collage.jpg

Mulan (The Cadet)

Mulan Collage.jpg

Jane (The Research Assistant) 

Jane Collage


Esmeralda (The Ballet Dancer)

Esmeralda Collage.jpg

Pocahontas (The Linguist)

Pocahontas Collage.jpg

Ariel (The Anthropologist)

Ariel Collage.jpg

Snow White (The Social Media Queen)

Snow White Collage.jpg

Merida (The Punk Rocker)

Merida Collage.jpg

Which Disney princess millennial would you be?


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11 thoughts on “Lifestyle | Which Disney Princess Millennial Are You?

  1. Cezane & Michelle says:

    But where Cinderella? Haha, she’s my favourite 🙂 but Belle is too so I suppose she makes up for it. Thank you for sharing this! – Michelle

    Liked by 1 person

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