January 2016 | Star Product Of The Month

Before we get into the review, I wanted to let you know that I have switched things up a little bit this year. Instead of featuring a whole bunch of favourites each month, I have set myself the challenge of selecting just one *STAR* product. I might discuss some of my favourites via individual reviews throughout the month but I liked the idea of having 12 standout products of 2016 by the end of the year.


L’Oréal Studio/Pro Sleek It Ultra Smoothing Cream

SLEEK IT Cream gives you 230°C heat protection.
SLEEK IT Cream provides an ultra-straight effect and up to 96H* endurance.
Unlimited styling opportunities, for those who get straight to the point.

Let me start by telling you that, apart from the occasional spritz of hairspray, I’m not one for using any products on my freshly washed hair. I have certainly tried a few in the past but I have never discovered one that is worthy of being regularly added to my routine… until now – well done L’Oréal Paris!

I have been applying this product after my shower most days over the course of the month and I have been really impressed with the results. The cream is a translucent white with a fluent consistency, perhaps not as ‘thick’ as I had expected it to be. The scent of the product is absolutely divine, it has a hint of sweet almond that is contrasted with a fresher citrus fragrance, though it is quite subtle and even more subtle when applied to the hair.

I smoothed the product through the lengths of my damp hair and then proceeded to dry it as usual. I noticed the difference immediately, without using any heat styling tools, my hair appeared super sleek and smooth. I have a natural wave to my hair, which means that my hair can sometimes dry slightly frizzy with a few flyaways.

The L’Oréal Studio/Pro Sleek It Ultra Smoothing Cream gives my hair the ‘salon finish’ that I never seem to be able to achieve at home and, best of all, it doesn’t look like I’m wearing any product in my hair at all. My hair looks and feels clean, the cream doesn’t make my hair feel ‘heavy’ and it doesn’t leave any kind of greasy residue.

On the occasions that I used heat styling tools such as straighteners, I felt like my hair was fully protected. If there’s one thing that I dislike it’s split ends but this cream makes me feel more confident applying heat to my hair without causing damage. I can also confirm that the product has staying power, considering that I only used small amounts, even after a night’s sleep my hair looked ‘done’ and ready to go!


What would your ‘star product of the month’ be?


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