Beauty | St. Kitts Herbery Amber Musk Perfume Review

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You might recall that last year I sampled and reviewed a range of St. Kitts Herbery perfumes and I have visited the site on numerous occasions since then. During a recent browse, I discovered a brand new fragrance: Amber Musk – cue the oooh’s and aaah’s!

I quite like musky scents, especially during the Autumn/Winter months, but I’m still selective when choosing a fragrance. Thankfully, the lovely people at St. Kitts Herbery were willing to send a sample of Amber Musk* for me to ‘try before I buy’ (again)!

I wish that smell-o-vision had been invented but (unfortunately) my short description will have to suffice:

The latest St. Kitts fragrance is a beautiful, warm, honey toned, musky fragrance. It is definitely my new favourite because of its DEPTH; there are multiple layers, starting at the base with hints of rich amber, vanilla and patchouli. The vanilla is prevalent and adds a subtle sweetness to the scent, just the right amount! As a contrast, there are warm floral notes such as lilac, violet, jasmine, elemi and rose, which I find very comforting and relaxing. Then to balance everything out there are fruity top notes of raspberry, plum, cassis and mandarin; yum!

As with all of the St. Kitts products I have been really impressed by the quality, in particular the perfumes have excellent staying power. I only needed one small spritz and the fragrance stayed with me throughout the day.

If this perfume was a picture then it would be:


Warm, cosy and comforting!

Amber Musk is the perfect scent for those long evenings, whether you’re heading for a night on the town or curling up in front of the fire – definitely the latter for me!

What are your favourite scents?


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2 thoughts on “Beauty | St. Kitts Herbery Amber Musk Perfume Review

  1. The V-Pub says:

    Hmmm. When you said that it would be a nod to one of the greats, I thought that you meant a film director. Still, anything that is warm, cozy and comforting is fine in my eyes. 🙂

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