Blogmas #1 | Ciaté Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar (Day 1)

Happy 1st December!

So, this is basically me for the rest of the month:


To mark the 1st of December, my parents very kindly surprised me with the Ciaté Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar, which I couldn’t find anywhere last year but they struck lucky when they found it in the January sales!

Since this is last years advent calendar, some of you might be aware of what’s inside but I still have the excitement of discovering which Ciaté product lies behind each door, every day for the rest of the month. YAY!

Ciate Manor.jpg

Can we all please take a moment to appreciate how cute the Ciaté Mini Mani Manor is?

It is a traditional, festive themed manor set against a snowy backdrop and it opens up to reveal all of the doors…

Ciate Manor Inside

There are 24 doors in total and I assume that each one contains a Ciaté miniature nail polish – all will soon be revealed!

I eagerly opened up the first door to find Main Stage, which is a gorgeous deep fuchsia shade to start the month off with a bang!

The door included a little message: Happy girls are the prettiest,” which instantly made me smile.


Ciate Manor Door 1 Polish.jpg

How did you spend the first day of December?


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12 thoughts on “Blogmas #1 | Ciaté Mini Mani Manor Advent Calendar (Day 1)

  1. gotmeghan says:

    I’m not gonna lie, but getting a new nail polish everyday would be a dream come true for me! We don’t have those types of advent calendars here in the US. It sucks, because I love this one and those chocolate ones!!

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