Fashion | Cherry Diva ‘Bohemian Princess’ Jewellery Review

Cherry Diva Main 1The Cherry Diva website is home to fabulous fashion jewellery, sparkling statement necklaces and amazing ladies accessories. They have such a large range of jewellery choices at varying prices, typically between £1 – £15 and if you follow them on social media from their site then you will receive 10% off your very first order! I have been following Cherry Diva’s Twitter page for quite a while and my timeline is constantly filled with inspiration – and when I say ‘inspiration’, I mean that I’m inspired to spend money on their precious corner of the internet!

I was really excited to read about and view their new range ‘Bohemian Princess’, which is inspired by the ongoing Boho-chic trend, a style of fashion that draws upon hippie influences. Boho has fast become one of fashion’s staple trends across the seasons and it’s all about combining floaty, floral, folky textures (such as fringing and patchwork) with the more free-spirited and dreamy aspects of the culture (such as feathers and dream catchers). Cherry Diva’s Boho Princess collection contains all of the classic elements of the trend whilst giving it a new modern edge.

There is something for everyone in this new range, as it includes everything from the chunkier, statement pieces to the more intricate, delicate selections. Personally, I prefer the latter of the two styles, so I chose two necklaces, ‘Be One With The Waves’* and ‘Lana’*, to add to my ever-growing jewellery collection. Suffice to say that my wish list has grown 3x bigger since their new collection was launched – oops!

1 Title

Cherry Diva Collage 1.2

‘Be One With The Waves’ is a beautiful multi-tone rush of exotic shimmering colours in a crystal stone pendant, I love how each rock is misshapen, making it feel quite ‘earthy’ and the iridescent nature of the stone adds a touch of magic to the piece.

The crystal stone is encased in golden swirls and hangs delicately from a dainty golden chain. There are three colour choices for this particular pendant: Black, purple and blue.

I chose the blue stone because it reminded me of being by the sea, which is one of my favourite places and I had hoped that the stone would carry similar relaxing properties if such memories were evoked.

Price: £8.00
2. Title

Cherry Diva Collage 2

‘Lana’ is equally as delicate but packs a bit more punch, as it layers up your neckline with a three-stranded silver necklace, featuring a chunky crystal point jewel, silver disc and detailed leaf pendant.

The combination of the turquoise stone and silver disc are similar to that of an amulet, which makes the piece appear quite mystical whilst the silver feather helps to anchor down the trend.

The varying layers of the necklace are eye-catching and flexible in terms of the type of outfits that it can be paired with, which makes it a staple for any bohemian-inspired fashionista.

Price: £10.00

Overall I’ve been really impressed by Cherry Diva’s range of jewellery and accessories, along with the affordable price tags attached, which seem to be fair for the brands quality. The items were dispatched promptly and arrived on my doorstep packaged in polka dot and floral printed cellophane bags, adding a touch of extra thought and care.

Have you ever bought any jewellery from Cherry Diva? Which do you prefer: ‘Be One With The Waves’ or ‘Lana’?


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