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This year marked a very special occasion… it was time for a new pair of glasses!

They are my fourth pair of glasses but I’m always very open-minded when it comes to selecting a new pair, I’ll try on a range of styles, even those that I think might not suit me because you just never know! However, over time, I’ve discovered that there’s a particular style and shape that I have a preference for and this time was no different.

For comparison purposes, I thought that I would share some photos of my previous pair of glasses:

Moschino Collage

I’ve always liked dark thick-rimmed glasses because I think that they’re a classic, which are unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. It seems that everyone from students to celebrities can be seen wearing them and they’re suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. #FullOfWin

Here are just a few examples of celebrities perfectly pulling off the ‘geek chic’ look:

Celebrity Collage


My Moschino glasses are slim-line but heavy, as they have quite wide sides, which are slightly softened with the zig-zag pearl detail that make them classy and edgy at the same time.

When I was searching for a new pair of glasses, I tried on a ton of different pairs from a range of opticians, all the while remaining faithful to the thick-rimmed glasses. I ended up settling on a pair from David H Myers – who I would highly recommend but that’s besides the point – this was love at first sight (literally).


Tiffany (1)


Tiffany front on (2)

I think that the small differences between my previous Moschino pair of glasses and my new Tiffany & Co. pair make the latter much more modern.

Firstly, these ones are more squarely shaped and are slightly wider but they have a more delicate frame with thinner arms, which happens to be the exact reverse of their predecessor.

They manage to retain that touch of class with the Tiffany & Co. signature logo, subtle silver hinges and, of course, the signature green/blue colour that we have all come to expect from this brand.

In three words: I LOVE THEM!

Tip for Girls (or Guys) in Glasses: If you want to keep your spectacles sparkling clean (really, you should) then wash them daily with Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo (or similar) – this is literally the best lens cleaner ever!

Which spectacle-wearing celebrity is your favourite?


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