August 2015 | Favourite Products

This month has passed by so quickly, I feel as if I’ve just blinked and now we’re at the end of another month, it’s perhaps no coincidence that I’ve been quite busy during this period too.

There are three big birthday celebrations within my family during August, I’ve landed a new job and have been settling into that and there has been a lot of planning for an exciting event that is going to wipe me out in September.

So, firstly, I must apologise for my lack of presence in the blogosphere and also let you know that I haven’t had an opportunity to discover many new products this month (booo!).

However, these few products really managed to catch my attention, so surely that means that they deserve even more recognition than usual…

August Favourites (1)

Gum Hair Salon Expertise Moisturising Shampoo (Californian Walnut) – Despite this shampoo looking a little bit watery on first appearances, it is completely moisturising, which has left my hair looking shiny, healthy and nourished after use. The scent is another major plus, it’s just so MMMMMMmmmmMM! It’s also long-lasting, so even hours later you get the same joy from the sweet smell that was experienced in the shower. IT’S THE SMALL THINGS, OK?!

Gum Hair Salon Expertise Conditioner Cream (Californian Walnut) – The conditioner has a lot of the same properties as its counterpart, except it has a thicker consistency. Even though it’s described as “super rich”, I’ve found that it’s suitable for daily use, which works for me but perhaps is misleading to others, as the conditioner is really quite gentle on the hair.

August Favourites (2)

Yogi Hair Curling Wand (Pink Zebra) – It seems that I’ve been loving all things hair this month! This is one of my go-to tools for those occasions that I want to style my hair into beach waves. This device makes it super quick and easy, you simply need to section the hair and wrap it around the conical barrel to create natural looking waves of varying sizes, which stay in all day long (really)! I also own the matching straighteners, which are equally as brilliant for another effect. I couldn’t recommend Yogi, as a brand, highly enough!

What has been your FAVOURITE throughout August?


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10 thoughts on “August 2015 | Favourite Products

    • adeleinglasses says:

      That’s another blog post for my ‘to-do’ list then! 😉 Hair can be difficult, mine is especially thick which can make it hard work but I really like this wand, it’s a lot less fuss than rollers or curling tongs. I’ll have to show it in action!


  1. Chanelle says:

    That curler is so pretty and sounds like a dream! I hardly ever curl my hair because it’s so thick and curls tend to fall out not long after I’ve done it. I bet that shampoo and conditioner smells amazing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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