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Flowers are perfect for marking special occasions or as a way of treating someone… I mean, who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet of flowers arriving at their door?

Personally, I love to have fresh flowers in my house year round, they can really brighten a living space and compliment the seasons.

Additionally, fresh cut flowers can be a real mood booster and are known for their health benefits. Yep, really!

In terms of flower placement, I like to put them in the main living space, so that my guests and myself can really appreciate them.

My most recent bouquet arrived courtesy of the professional florists at Prestige Flowers. This company offers a wonderful wide range of flowers for every occasion and price point.

Whilst I was exploring the website – just call it a hobby – I was really curious to learn more about the new Haute Florist range, which promises “floral elegance”. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to review the Perigueux bouquet*.

Let’s take a closer look at the flowers in detail…

Flowers 1

The bouquet arrived in a large floral print box, though I didn’t pay too much attention to that because I was desperate to take a peek inside! The bouquet was hand tied and presented in luxury wrap in a gift bag, which made them feel even more special.

There were a few extras in the box too, including a glass vase and a box of praline chocolates. You can choose which additions you wish to include in the order, the website offers everything from a teddy bear to a bottle of wine and even a birthday cake!

The flower arrangement was perfect, which meant that there was very little fuss when transitioning the bouquet from the bag to the vase. The actual flowers are BEAUTIFUL; I love all of the different variations and colours, which are especially appropriate as we’re on the turn towards Autumn.

Flowers 2

The Perigueux bouquet is created with a lovely mixture of sorbet and avalanche roses, alstroemeria, veronica and the very pretty thlaspi green bell. It’s a shame that smell-o-vision hasn’t been invented yet because they are, of course, beautifully fresh.

I know that roses are symbolic of love, whilst alstroemeria represents friendship; so all in all this is a very heart-warming bouquet, which has kept me smiling throughout August so I’m pleased to be able to share it with you too!

What are some of your favourite types of flowers?


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