Beauty | Kelly Brook ‘Audition’ Eau De Parfum Review


Intoxicating with a hint of ripe freshness and a shock of green that’s like a big bunch of freshly cut flowers covered in morning dew. With a middle strength that brings joy and light; combined with voluptuousness and that hint of animal passion, this is Audition by Kelly Brook.

Audition* was the third fragrance to be released by model, actress and businesswoman, Kelly Brook, in 2014 and the first thing that caught my eye was the ultra classy and vintage style packaging. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the rose gold?

The overall design seems to be inspired by the art deco style of the 50’s, very Great Gatsby! It also shares a bit of Kelly’s personality, as she’s well known for having a pin-up girl look. This is one bottle that I’m pleased to display on my vanity table!

Kelly wanted the fragrance to be ‘glamourous, honest and confident; just like a first audition’ and I think that she has succeeded; this is one of those scents that does make you feel different within yourself when wearing it.

The scent is quite floral and feminine but with a deep underlining sensual and flirty tone. The fragrance has compositions of melon, bergamot, dewy fruits and watery apple, which makes it sound very summery. However, I might be inclined to reach for this more in the Autumn/Winter months as the base notes of amber, sweet vanilla and musk are quite prominent, making it more of a deep and spicy scent. Whereas the heart notes are infused with wisteria, iris, heliotrope and patchouli, which strengthens the floral and vibrant aspect of the perfume.

I found that the initial spray was very bold and punchy, you really don’t need to spray much for the scent to be noticeable but it does soften quickly into a lighter, prettier scent.

Overall, I think that everything from the packaging to the fragrance itself makes for an all-round classier fragrance compared to some other celebrity scents that I’ve tried in the past. It’s a sweet scent with a twist of warm spice, which I’ll most likely find very comforting during the colder seasons that will soon be upon us!

What’s your favourite celebrity fragrance?


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