Beauty | AA Skincare Lemongrass & Lavender Natural Deodorant Review

mainAfter previously reviewing AA Skincare’s Seaweed & Aloe Eye Gel, which quickly became my wonder product for the month, I was kindly invited to review another product from the range.

I was intrigued about the selection of all-natural deodorants, so I opted to try the Lemongrass & Lavender roll-on*, as it sounded like a perfect fresh scent for the summer months.

From personal experience, I often find that roll-on deodorants are not as effective as sprays and that they can leave your underarm feeling “sticky”.

However, unlike many mass produced antiperspirants that contain aluminium salts, alcohol and parfum, AA Skincare’s Lemongrass & Lavender is made with only the finest of ingredients, including naturally deodorising essential oils.

When removing the lid, you’re first hit with the strong citrus scents with the lemongrass being the most prominent smell.

Once applied to the underarm, I would describe the scent to be clean, earthy, refreshing and light. The lavender has a soothing and relaxing property, whereas the hint of aloe vera is very calming and gentle on the skin. However, the fragrance is less distinct when applied than it was in the glass bottle.

As the day moved forward, I found that the already subtle scent did reduce quite significantly but it didn’t stop me from feeling wonderfully fresh all day long, which was most likely a result of the Lemongrass & Lavender oils attacking the bacteria that cause body odours.

Another positive about the roll-on is that there is no wastage experienced and the transparent glass bottle allows you to see how much you have used – genius!

I think that the AA Skincare deodorants are better suited to the summer months because they are very light and refreshing, I love the luxurious packaging of the products and the, surprisingly, inexpensive price.

final (1)

The AA Skincare roll-on deodorants usually retail at £4.94 but there’s currently a 20% discount being offered on the Amphora Aromatics Retail website for just £3.96!

Have you ever tried any natural products? What’s your favourite deodorant and why?


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7 thoughts on “Beauty | AA Skincare Lemongrass & Lavender Natural Deodorant Review

  1. Talking About Beauty says:

    Great stuff! For the past year or so I’ve really been into all-natural deodorants for health reasons. It hasn’t been easy to find a great one, however I am really loving the Crystal Deodorant stick – most effective under arm product i have tried – ever!

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