Lifestyle | #TBT: Forgotten Hobbies & Unfinished Projects

Last week, I was sorting through some of my storage units from childhood that are currently in the garage and on doing so, I unearthed an old sketchbook, which had just one single painting in it.

It’s funny how one piece of artwork can bring back a flood of memories, I was around 14 years old when I painted this picture of Lilo from Disney’s Lilo & Stitch (2002) and it was a very hot summers day, so perhaps that explains the Hawaiian choice!

P1040761 I love anything that’s creative and I find that drawing can be a nice escape, kind of therapeutic, but I’ve fallen out of touch with this hobby over recent years, mainly due to a lack of time and other responsibilities.

I brought the lifeless sketchbook back inside with the mission to continue sketching and fill its pages, in-keeping with the Disney theme, I immediately started to work on a new pencil drawing of Anna and Elsa from Frozen (2013).


At the risk of misplacing this sketchbook for another 11 years, I’ve decided to share my artwork online, so if you’re interested, you can follow my sketchbook journey via my DeviantArt profile or the new Art page on my blog.

I also thought that it might be fun to accept requests, so if you have any ideas of what you would like to see me take on next, then please leave a suggestion!

Do you have any forgotten hobbies? Which hobbies do you wish that you had more time for?


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18 thoughts on “Lifestyle | #TBT: Forgotten Hobbies & Unfinished Projects

  1. gotmeghan says:

    Oh I use to draw all the time. Since doing everything with my toes, art was considered something to admire at school and everywhere else! I took two art classes during the last two years of high school, after completeing the last 7 projects I basically retired. And then in 2012, I went back into it and by mid-2013 I was done with it. I still have family members and close family friends that think I should go to school for art because of it. I don’t want anything to do with it. I love art, I love looking at everybody else’s but the attention was my downfall I think.

    I’m glad you went back into it though! I color now, it’s the only source of creativity that I have left than basically blogging! Your artwork is pretty awesome!! 😀

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    • adeleinglasses says:

      Wow, do you have your artwork online anywhere? I remember taking art classes myself and as much as I liked to learn the techniques, I didn’t like being restricted in themes or topics, I think that art should be whatever you want it to be!

      I’m sure that your artwork is great, mine is just for fun, and it’s nice to reconnect with a past hobby! 🙂


      • gotmeghan says:

        I can send you one on Twitter if you would like to see one? In my senior year I did seven facial drawings in I think 9 different medias. Pastels and charcoal were my least favorites but were the funnest to create because I got all messy! The little joys in life! Lol

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  2. Lor @ Lovely & Cozy ♥ says:

    Wow! You are quite the artist, great job!! I also use to draw a ton when I was a kid, and recently I was looking through an old sketch book and found so many unfinished sketches I started! (
    Thanks for sharing, and keep up the drawing, you have a talent! 🙂

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    • adeleinglasses says:

      Aww thank you for such lovely comments Lor, they’re really appreciated, I’m always blown away by other peoples artwork but quite judgemental of my own! I’ll check out the link, I love looking at others art and creations! 🙂


  3. Shauna841505 says:

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! Those are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! Such a great artist. I wish I could draw or paint, I am horrible. I used to scrapbook all the time but its been years since I’ve really done anything on that front. I have turned that hobby into more cards and notes!

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    • adeleinglasses says:

      Thanks so much Shauna, I was smiling this big > 😀 < reading your comment! It's nice to reconnect with an old hobby and to be able to share it too, hopefully there will be more to come. You're very creative with all of the unique ideas on your blog, I love it!

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