Fashion | Summer Clothing & Accessories Haul

This is the first haul post that I’ve done on my blog but, of course, as a fashion blogger, I’m always looking for new items to refresh my wardrobe! I own a lot of Autumn/Winter outfits, since 95% of our weather in the UK is suited to those seasons but recently I’ve been focusing on getting some more summer pieces to add a bit of variation.

Whenever I indulge in a spot of “retail therapy”I want to find unique items, which offer great value for money – everyone loves a bargain! My favourite store is T.K. Maxx (aka the mothership) because it’s the perfect place to find one-off designer items that are top quality but often inexpensive, so you will notice that they feature quite heavily in this haul.

Here are my recent finds, including their prices and where you can buy them:

Marl Grey T-shirt with Sequined Embroidered Pineapple | H&M | £12.99

Pineapple Collage

Rinascimento White T-shirt with Pixel Effect Multi-Coloured Rhinestone Motif | T.K. Maxx | £9.99

Comic Collage

Vera&Lucy Palm Trees at Sunset Graphic Sleeveless Top | T.K. Maxx | £5.99

Purple Palm Collage

Brave Soul Navy Sleeveless Top with Embroidered Sequined Lion Appliqué | T.K. Maxx | £9.99

Lion Collage

QED London Loose-Fit Palm Tree Print Sleeveless Top with Ruched Hem | T.K. Maxx | £4.99

Blue Palm Collage

Tokyo Laundry Pink Lilac Shorts with Metal Anchor Charm | T.K. Maxx | £5.00

Shorts Collage

Diva Dual-Layered Crystal Stone Necklace | Outfit | £4.50

Necklace Collage

Wallis Pastel Pink Rhinestone Bracelet | Outfit | £3.00

Bracelet Collage

I hope that you enjoyed having a peek into my wardrobe — please excuse the creases in the clothes, as you can see I haven’t even removed the tags yet, let alone worn them! I feel like all of these items really brighten up my wardrobe selection.

What is your favourite fashion store? 


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15 thoughts on “Fashion | Summer Clothing & Accessories Haul

  1. Sophie says:

    Love, love, love the palm tree print shirt. And you seem to have way more patience/a better experience with TK Maxx then me, I should really give it another shot, I feel like I’m missing out massively! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • adeleinglasses says:

      Thanks, that one really sparkled in the bright lights of the store, I couldn’t help but be attracted to it! 😀

      I know quite a few people that feel the same way about T.K. Maxx, I think you do have to have a bit of patience, as it is a mixture, rather than racks of the same piece like in other stores. You just have to find your size and commit to flicking through the hangers, there’s usually some real gems in there. I’ve also found that some of the stores have a better layout than others and that makes a difference, I prefer visiting one that is a bit further out of town for me, even though there’s one practically on my doorstep!

      Do you have a favourite store?

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      • Sophie says:

        Yeah I have heard that T.K Maxx’s differ depending on location, the one near me when I was in Liverpool was better than the one near me at home. And yeah about 75% of my clothes (and shoes) come from New Look and it’s always my go to store when I need/want something, although recently I have been looking at Boohoo a lot more x

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