Fashion | Part 3: Mink&Stone Bracelet Reveal

Mink & Stone Part 3 Collage After much deliberation, I finally settled on purchasing the Beaded Kaleidoscope bracelet*, which I designed on the Mink&Stone website. As much as I liked my other creations that I shared in the Part 2 post, I chose this design because I felt that it was more interesting, unlike anything else that I have in my jewellery box. It also uses 7 different types of beads, crystals and stones, which I feel makes best use of the plethora of materials available on the site. I particularly liked the delicate flowers and mixture of blues, as this just seemed like a perfect summer bracelet and I wanted to wear it right away!

As you can see from the photos above, the finished product turned out beautifully, I was quite happy with it on the screen but even happier once it arrived in the post. The quality is much better than I had expected, as the graphics on the site don’t do the jewellery justice, in fact I think that there should be a page dedicated to real photos of customers designs. The bracelet is exactly as I had ordered it from the selection of materials to the sizing. There are quite a number of companies now that offer a jewellery designer service but Mink&Stone have some notable differences, such as:

  • The engraved Mink&Stone charm on the jewellery itself.
  • The free of charge gift-wrapping option, which means that the jewellery will arrive tissue-wrapped in a branded velvet pouch.
  • Mink&Stone also offer to share a photo of your jewellery before shipping, which only adds to the excitement!
  • The pricing is very fair, there’s a vast amount of materials to cover all budgets, and it’s completely up to you how little or how much you want to spend.
  • The inspiration page allows customers to share their creations, so that other customers can purchase your design and you will receive 10% of the price back in materials towards your next piece of jewellery.

Mink&Stone Part 3 Photo 2 Most of all, I love that I’ve designed this bracelet myself; it just makes it extra special and unique. I think that this would make a wonderful present for someone, whether you design a piece of jewellery for them, as it shows that bit of extra thought, or you purchase a gift voucher, which allows the recipient to create their own piece of jewellery.

What do you think of the Beaded Kaleidoscope bracelet? What type of jewellery would you design?

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