June 2015 | Favourite Products

June Favourites

Charles Worthington Front Row Rough & Tousled Salt Spray – This is the ultimate summer hair product; I love having natural wind-swept waves, sometimes I want to be able to wash my hair, leave it to dry naturally, without the fuss of heat styling products. This salt spray has a really light formula and is designed to enhance natural waves and curls, add texture and extra volume for the surfer chic look that can usually only be achieved from the salty water, wind and sand after a day at the beach!

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk – I was initially attracted to this product because of the retro milkshake packaging, very 1950’s! The consistency of the body milk is thicker than you might expect but the richer formula, once absorbed, leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and completely hydrated, so I love using it in the summer to protect my skin from drying out. Even better, the scent is a delicious mix of Almonds, Brown Sugar, Vanilla and Oats, literally heaven in a bottle! They actually have to put a warning that THIS IS NOT FOOD on the bottle, just in case you’re tempted. The sweet scent lingers on your skin for a couple of hours too.

Maybelline New York (148 Summer Pink) Lipstick – I have been reaching for this lipstick all throughout June, it’s a lovely bright pink, fun, summer shade, which adds a ‘pop’ to all of my outfits. Click here to read a full review of this product.

AA Skincare Seaweed & Aloe Refreshing Eye Gel – This has been my skincare wonder product, even though it’s a great make-up remover, I love using the gel in the morning as it really helps me to wake up and feel refreshed! Click here to read a full review of this product.


E.L.F. Cosmetics 100 Piece Marble Eyeshadow Palette – As you can see, these shadows have taken quite a hit over the last month! If you can’t have fun with colour in the summer, when can you?! The shades are a mix of mattes, shimmers and marbles with colours for every outfit! The lightest shades are great as a base or highlight, the medium shades are perfect for the entire lid or in the creases, and the darkest shades help to define and create a smoky look. It might not be the smallest of palettes to travel with but at least you know that you’ll have everything that you’ll ever need in an eyeshadow all under one roof (or palette)!

What would your star product be for June? Which of my monthly favourites are your favourites?


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20 thoughts on “June 2015 | Favourite Products

    • adeleinglasses says:

      Thank you so much! I’m yet to find a Soap & Glory product that isn’t amazing… Smoothie Star & Sugar Crush Body Scrub = ❤

      The Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk is also a regular in my skincare routine. I hope that you get to try some of the products soon, let me know what you think, if you do! 🙂

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    • adeleinglasses says:

      Yes, this is one of those products that I used last year but had completely forgotten about until recently. I find that some Sea Salt Sprays can be a bit heavy or greasy but I love the light and non-sticky formula of this one, which results in a gentle and natural wave.

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  1. Shauna841505 says:

    I’m gonna have to try the hair product!!!! And recently, I just bought the ELF eyeliner pen, and I am OBSESSED. It is PERFECT. I have a huge problem with my eyeliner running because I don’t like the liquid eyeliners (can’t get it that perfect), but this pen is perfect!

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  2. Jay says:

    I like the look of the lipstick. I tend to shop and order from Sephora, which I don’t think carries that brand. I thought the milk stuff looked like glue – I’ll keep my eye out for that too. My hair looks awful if I don’t style it, but after careful styling I can still get a slightly tousled look by driving around in my convertible!
    And I could never deal with all that colour! In fact, I don’t know how to do eye shadow at all. I think my eyelids are defective. Nothign looks good. I still to nude.

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    • adeleinglasses says:

      Haha, you’re funny but I can completely understand that too, I have to be very careful when using brighter and more colourful eyeshadow colours. I don’t *think* we have a Sephora in the U.K., or if we do, it’s in very few locations, which is a shame. I’m going to create a post soon for international product recommendations, as I really like to try different products, so it will be useful to be armed with such a list when travelling to other countries!


    • adeleinglasses says:

      Thanks Daisy! If you love sweet scents then this is definitely the one for you, it’s the nicest smelling body product that I own, I’ve used S&G’s body butters before and I love those too but they’re a fresher, lighter scent.

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