The Starlight Blogger Award

In replace of Motivational Monday this week, I thought that I would make a start on responding to the outstanding blog awards that have been neglected! However, if you would rather get your motivation kick for the week, then maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for in my previous two entries Motivational Monday | Pay It Forward & Motivational Monday | Life Lessons from Peter Pan.

I know that blog awards aren’t for everyone but I always appreciate that someone has thought of me from the plethora of wonderful blogs that are out there and I like to give recognition to those blogs myself. I received the Starlight Blogger Award from Alexandra Write Now, who is an inspiring creative writer with a friendly and relatable style that will get the cogs in your head turning!

  • Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 3 questions that are given to you.
  • Pass the award on to 6 or more other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Include the logo of the award on your blog, please never alter the logo and never change the rules.

1. What is your favorite thing to write about?

I love writing about all of the topics that feature on my blog, I have a keen interest in beauty and fashion but I also enjoy the Motivational Monday series because I like to spread positivity around!

I’ve also just launched a secondary blog The Girl in Glasses | Screen through Specs to write about film, one of m big passions, the writing here can be much more opinionated and critical, so if you’re interested, check it out!

I also enjoy fictional writing, which takes place outside of my blog, that can be anything from poems, scripts and stories! You should just know that I’m always writing something. 

Castle2. If you have traveled, what was your favorite place to visit? If you haven’t traveled where do you want to go?

My favourite place in the world is Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I first visited this destination when I was just 7 years old and it was a truly magical experience.

Now cut to 18 years later and I’m on my 10th trip! I would love to explore other parts of the U.S.A. some day too but for now, my heart is in Orlando! 

Florida has it all, from the sunshine and hot weather, the friendly locals with their awesome accents, retail outlets that allow you to “shop till you drop”, the fun and magic of the theme parks (no adults allowed!) and a host of eateries serving up delicious food!

3. What is something about you that would surprise someone?

This was a difficult question, I would consider myself to be an open book, so I don’t have too many surprises…

I’m sure that people would find it surprising that I enjoy cleaning… Yep. You read that correctly. I find that it’s oddly therapeutic, you know what they say “Tidy room, tidy mind”!

  1. What is the inspiration behind your blog?
  2. What part of your personality shines through above all else?
  3. If you could time travel, would you rather travel to the past or to the future and why?

This award is created to specifically highlight and promote inspiring bloggers, so think of the light emanating from the stars, the ones that truly touch your soul with their work, the ones that are the light for you, as a true STARLIGHT blogger.

  1. Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist
  2. Arwenaragornstar
  3. Golden Life Living
  4. Thoughts and Things 1
  5. Italian Hurricane
  6. The Rebekah Koontz Site

If you visit these bloggers sites, then you will find out for yourself why they’re deserving of receiving the STARLIGHT blogger award.

As always, I won’t be offended if nominees choose not to take part, simply don’t post a response!

Please don’t delete this note: The design for the STARLIGHT Bloggers Award has been created by YesterdayAfter and is a Copyright image, you cannot alter or change it in any way. Copyright 2015 © – Design by Carolina Russo.

Don’t forget to leave a link to your response in the comments below!  ♥


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20 thoughts on “The Starlight Blogger Award

  1. Tabitha Guarnieri says:

    It seems like Disney is a lot of people’s favorite place to travel to! I’ve never been there, but I’m hoping someday soon I’ll be able to go! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. desleyjane says:

    Congrats Adele and what a lovely response. I’m excited about your new blog, I will definitely be following that one. Thank you for the nomination! Like you, I have a little collection of these that I need to catch up on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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