Beauty | St. Kitts Herbery Perfume Sample Reviews

St. Kitts St. Kitts Herbery is an independent, family run business that is dedicated to creating luxurious products, which are formulated using the finest ingredients.

The company is based in beautiful Cornwall with a second store that opened in Cardiff in 2014. If you have an opportunity to explore the website, you’ll discover that it’s a one-stop shop for gifts to spoil someone special (or yourself)!

Since the company promises (and delivers) on top quality products, I was attracted to their perfume range because I like to have an assortment of fragrances to suit my mood, occasion or season, so I’m always looking for worthy additions.

On the other hand, I can also be a bit fussy when it comes to a scent, which makes it difficult to commit without trying it first, so I was delighted when St. Kitts Herbery sent me a selection of perfumes* to sample.

I thought that I would share my thoughts on the fragrances in a blog post, which are mixture of male and female scents, in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation, or if you’re a fan of the brand already!

Summer Rose

Fruity, floral and fabulous. The divine scent of summer.Summer Rose

I adore this scent, I wish I could smell it everywhere! It’s very delicate, fresh and… clean. It’s great for the current season because it’s reminiscent of carefree summer days and luxurious summer evenings in beautiful surroundings. The scent has a combination of fresh, fruity notes of Cassis, Bergamot, Rose and Lychee, with strong floral scents such as Cyclamen, Lily of the Valley, Magnolia and Violet, against a deep backdrop of Cedarwood, Musk and Sandalwood to give the fragrance some extra punch! I found it to be quite comforting and relaxing, perhaps that was the Violet coming through.


Elusive, vivacious and light. Capture the moment.Mist

This scent can be purchased in a perfume or aftershave, it’s fabulously fresh and the florals are the driver but it’s not quite as strong as the last fragrance. It reminds me of stepping out on a misty morning at the moor, where the flowers and plants are just beginning to awaken and share their scent. It has key notes of Lemon, Green Herbs and Eucalyptus, with lingering fragrances of Rose, Neroli, Amber and Cedarwood. Simply delightful!


Earthy, rich and complex. For memorable occasions.moonlight

This is a memorable scent, I would say that it’s more suited to an older gentleman, as it’s quite heavy, musky and peppery (my descriptions are getting more obscure!) It’s a complex scent, which is making it difficult to describe and pick out all of the different layers but the fresh notes of Jasmine really come through. With Father’s day just around the corner, this might be worth an investment!

Rosemary & Bergamot

Alluring, fresh and vibrant. The signature fragrance.Rosemary

This is probably my second favourite scent (after Summer Rose) of the selection, which surprised me a little, as it wasn’t what I was expecting and this is another scent that’s suitable for him or for her. The scent is both fresh and musky, after the initial spray the citrus top notes of Bergamot (obviously), Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit and Lime are prevalent, which makes it quite zesty and summery but after a while the base notes of Musk, Amber and Patchouli become more apparent. I think the two blend beautiful and help to create a long-lasting, full bodied fragrance.


Elegant, rich and masculine. Designed for men, loved by women.Colonial

This is one for the men in your life (or yourself, if you’re a male reader), though it is quite a universal scent that’s suitable for all ages. It’s a refreshing smell that is named after the apothecary gardens created by colonial settlers. It’s a well balanced fragrance that is packed full of familiar scents that would be found in the garden, particularly Violet, Jasmine, Chamomile and Clove, with Moss, Musk and Amber underlying at the base, then just a touch of fresh Lemon and Mint for a bit of extra zest!

I have been really impressed by all of these fragrances, with just 1-2 sprays they last all day long and I’ve already been receiving compliments, which I think is because they are non-artificial, familiar scents that everyone can identify with.

One of the things that I love about St. Kitts Herbery is that you can Shop by Scent, meaning that once you have established the scent that you like, you can then choose which form you want it in – whether it’s a perfume/after spray, reed diffuser, hand cream, bath salt, soap, room spray… the list goes on!

I think that Summer Rose, Mist and Rosemary and Bergamot would be suited to all of the different variants, though admittedly those were also my favourites, whereas Moonlight and Colonial would be better as an after spray or shower/bath product.

Have you ever purchased any products from St. Kitts Herbery? Which fragrances appeal to you?


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