Beauty | Maybelline’s 100th Birthday Collection (148 Summer Pink Lipstick Review)

100 years of selfexpression.


It’s incredible to see how far international make-up brand Maybelline has come in 100 years, taking itself from a start-up family business to a global trendsetter and household name. Whilst the products and the trends have changed over the decades, the fundamental reason for buying into the beauty industry hasn’t, we still want to accentuate our best features and try to achieve voluminous eyelashes, perfect brows and fuller lips100years.

To mark the occasion, Maybelline have teamed up with health and beauty retailer Superdruto present a limited edition newly-packaged collection featuring:

  • 3-4 Colour Sensational Lipsticks
  • The Colossal Volume Express Mascara
  • The Matte Maker Powder

There may have been more in the collection that I’ve missed in my last retail therapy session, as it seems that they’re selling out fast — and that’s hardly surprising, I was instantly attracted to the red, white and blue American style packaging!

I picked up a Colour Sensational Lipstick in the shade Summer Pink (148) because it looked like a beautiful colour for my summer holidays. The Colour Sensational line cannot be faulted for its application, formula and moisturising properties, they are consistently good!

Lips 1This is a beautiful blue-toned, bright pink shade with flashes of silver shimmer, making it appear slightly glossy with a lovely pearlescent finish, which remains even as the colour starts to fade following 4-6 hours of wear!

I explored the Maybelline website to read more about their 100th Birthday and I really enjoyed exploring their make-up looks through the decades, there’s certainly some inspiration to be found here. I immediately tried to channel the 2000’s #Socialite trend using my new Colour Sensational ‘Summer Pink’ lipstick!



Which are your favourite make-up looks from the decades? What do you think the future of make-up will look like?


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5 thoughts on “Beauty | Maybelline’s 100th Birthday Collection (148 Summer Pink Lipstick Review)

    • adeleinglasses says:

      Thanks!! All of the other shades were quite a bit darker, so I wasn’t really feeling them for the current season, so I went for something that I could wear straight away. I think that the US have done something similar for the 100th Birthday (packaging+range), so you’ll have to let me know if you spot anything! 🙂


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