Fashion | The Thomas Sabo Collection Jewellery Wish List!


“Thomas Sabo’s fresh take on jewellery design has led the brand to becoming an internationally renowned success. A love of fashion and an interest in reflecting personalities has helped Sabo’s collections to emerge as unique in the jewellery market.”

– Silver Tree, Lancaster

When it comes to fashion, we all know that it isn’t just about the dress that you wear but also the accessories that you choose to complete the look. In fact, having some statement pieces stored away in your jewellery box can really help when you’re experiencing a wardrobe crisis, as they can become a real talking point of any outfit.

One of my favourite jewellery brands is Swarovski, they have become the biggest name for crystal jewellery in the world and have some really exquisite pieces as part of their collection. Another designer that I really like is Betsey Johnson, her jewellery is fun, feminine and whimsical! So, what happens when you fuse these two styles together? The Thomas Sabo Collection.

The Thomas Sabo Collection has classically elegant, intricately detailed designs, as well as more expressive and iconic symbols, which you can have some fun with! I was recently browsing the selection on Silver Tree, an online jewellery store that was originally founded in my home region of Lancashire.

However, since I’m not really in the market to purchase jewellery currently, I thought that I would create a wish list, after all Christmas is a little over 6 months away …and yes, I did just mention Christmas in a June blog post, oops!

Here are some of my favourite pieces:


Necklaces I’m a big fan of rose gold jewellery, so it’s perhaps not surprising that 2 out of 3 necklaces are exactly that!

The magical lotus flower pendant (left) captures the transitions between the various flowering stages through its web of intricate designs; this piece is highly elegant, yet quite bohemian. I already have a few outfits in mind that this would look fantastic with!

Likewise, this fashion-forward ‘Dots’ necklace (centre) is simple but avant-garde; this type of necklace is a staple in anyone’s collection because it can be layered with other jewellery to create a truly unique look!

The triple circle pendant (right) features alternating circles, this is more of a simple, modern piece, which makes it highly wearable, as it would look great with most of my wardrobe.


Rings To continue the rose gold theme, beauty and glamour combine in this sparkling circles ring (left), I think that this would help to add a touch of sparkle to any outfit and due to its shape, it would perfectly compliment the lotus pendant.

Another from the ‘Dots’ range is this simple ring (centre), which is also available in rose gold but I really liked the sterling silver version here, and I think that it would look great stacked with other rings!

The super cute bow ring (right) is from the ‘Glam and Soul’ range, I love it because it’s really feminine and pretty, a great standalone piece that is suitable for day to day wear.


CharmBracelet This is where the fun begins! I love charm bracelets and Thomas Sabo have a wide assortment of bracelets and charms to choose from, charms make for really lovely gifts too (all hints intended).

I have selected this hot pink bamboo coral charm bracelet because it’s just so pretty and also very suitable for the current season! Each charm bracelet carrier can hold up to 3 charms, my choices would be:

  • Nautical: I love this maritime charm, which features an anchor, starfish and sea shell in silver, rose and yellow gold plating.
  • “@” Symbol: I just had to include a social media related charm as a tribute to my blogging network!
  • Teddy Bear: As an arctophile, I would have to include this super cute teddy bear as part of my charm collection.

Those are just a few of my favourite pieces from the Thomas Sabo collection; admittedly creating this wish list has made me consider indulging in a spot of retail therapy; the mother ship is calling me home.

If you’re left feeling similarly or have an occasion coming up, Silver Tree have very kindly offered an exclusive 20% discount code for my blog readers to use on their site:


All UK orders are eligible for FREE standard delivery or FREE express delivery when spending over £50. All international orders over £100 are also eligible for FREE delivery.

Do you own anything from the Thomas Sabo Collection? Which are your favourites from my wish list? 


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7 thoughts on “Fashion | The Thomas Sabo Collection Jewellery Wish List!

  1. desleyjane says:

    I’ve always loved Thomas Sabo but sadly don’t own any. I am in love with rose gold jewellery as well but have only recently
    Decided to transition from silver. I have a ring which is a bow in rose gold. I love the two rose gold necklaces you’ve shown. I’m going to go look this weekend!!

    Liked by 1 person

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