Motivational Monday | Remember To Look Up

Motivational Monday | Act like no one ever said you can't. No maybes. I have touched upon a similar topic previously for Motivational Monday in my Beauty is Everywhere and Pleased to Meet You blog posts, explaining things in our lives that we should take the time to appreciate, including anything from a beautiful sunset, a quiet ‘me’ moment and even a complete stranger adding brightness to our day.

We are all so connected but what does that really mean? We have 500+ ‘friends’ who we don’t need to see in person because we’re having a group conversation on WhatsApp. We don’t need to send Birthday cards any more because a Facebook notification reminds us to comment on the person’s wall. We have all of our memories stored digitally, what will be passed down through the generations? An SD card?

The introduction of technology has undoubtedly made life easier and there are plenty of advantages, such as being able to have this blog as a personal space to share my words and connect with new friends all around the world, but what has the ever-growing digital landscape taken away from us?

I know that some people never really disconnect from the virtual world and I wonder what they’re missing in the process. I like to take a hiatus from technology, mostly at weekends and especially when I’m on vacation, I don’t take any devices away with me and simply enjoy living life. I would motivate people to take a complete break from technology occasionally, turn the mobile phone off and step away from the laptop, whether it’s for a couple of hours, a week or more!

Remember to look up and take notice of the world around you!


What is your life like in the technological age? Do you ever completely disconnect?


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19 thoughts on “Motivational Monday | Remember To Look Up

  1. twenty7zero3 says:

    That video is amazing. I wish everyone would listen to it’s message and act upon it. It’s hard if your the only person in the room, while every one else is glued to a screen or another. I hate asking questions when it falls deaf on ears, clouded by the messages on their iphone screens. It makes me mad, when people come over to visit, then when I speak up they’re off and away somewhere in the distance. I am present. I wish everyone else was too, but if they won’t join me on the real side, then I guess I’ll have to meet them on theirs. So here I am blogging, Whatsapping, Facebooking and the rest of it, because that is the only way I can capture someone’s interest. That is the only way people can hear me.

    What a world we live in 😦

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    • adeleinglasses says:

      I agree, it’s a fantastic video with a really important message, even he admits falling victim to ‘the machine’ and it’s not surprising, as you said, many of us have to because that’s the only way to connect with some people! I love my technology and gadgets as much as anyone but I also know the importance of stepping away from it and having genuine human interaction. Thanks for reading! x

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  2. that traveling nurse says:

    I just got back from a quick 4 day digital detox. It was pure bliss. Unplugged from the rest of the world… we all need it sometimes! 🙂

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      • that traveling nurse says:

        I know. What were we doing 10-15 years ago without all these gadgets? I know the cellphone and the beeper were already around that time but we used it to just call or text. I remind myself once in a while to “look up” and take time to “smell the roses”. They really do smell good. 🙂

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  3. desleyjane says:

    I’ve seen this video before, it’s brilliant. I just read a post about valuing face-to-face time with friends and family. And nothing can beat those experiences. I don’t like to get the phone out when I’m with friends. And I love having a digital detox occasionally. But I am very much a digital girl sadly….

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    • adeleinglasses says:

      It is a brilliant video! My best memories have always been minus technology, I hope that people continue to experience the real world for all that it has to offer, not just the virtual world. 🙂


  4. Chanelle says:

    The ironic thing is the message is asking us to look up and we have to watch the video on a screen haha. I really do appreciate the message though, many a time I’ll be talking away and no one’s listening because they’re looking at and using their device instead x

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  5. Karen says:

    Great post! I was just having this conversation! I have about 3-4 friends that I still use the portion of my unlimited minutes for. Lol The rest I just text. It is sad because I wish I can talk to everyone like I used to. Technology is pulling everyone in many different ways, forgetting the bonding in the past. But I look up daily and remain grateful for those that I can still communicate with! 😀

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