April 2015 | Favourite Products

I’m a bit late on getting this post up but please find all relevant excuses reasons in my previous post. I have been trying a lot of new products this month, whether they are newly purchased or products that I’ve had a while but not had an opportunity to use. I’m pleased to report that there have been a lot of hits, with some even sneaking their way into this months favourites!

April Favs

Left to right: ProStylista Creative Hair Detangler, Beauty Muse 5-Piece Brush Set, Bellapierre Purple Bliss Eyeshadow Palette (#042 Excite / #041 Lavender / #103 Lust), Max Factor Max Effect Dip-in Eyeshadow (#10 Silver Lounge), Front Cover Glitter Lip Top Coat, Bellapierre Volumizing Black Mascara, Bellapierre Noir Eyeliner.

  • ProStylista Creative Hair Detangler – I’m completely reliant on this brush, my hair is really thick but this helps to eliminate any tangles for a smooth, sleek result. It has three different sizes of bristles, making it easier to glide through all hair types and I love the size of it, as it has fast become a handbag essential.
  • Beauty Muse 5-Piece Brush Set – This includes a foundation brush, shadow brush, crease brush, powder brush and smudge brush, which are all housed in a cute little cup! I love that I have a place to store my brushes because I really don’t like putting them in a make-up bag between washes. I have been reading a lot about the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection but also discovered that Beauty Muse is meant to be as close to a dupe as you can get. I feel that this set contains everything that you could need and so far, I’ve not experienced any shedding or bleeding when applying and washing.
  • Bellapierre Purple Bliss Eyeshadow Palette (#042 Excite / #041 Lavender / #103 Lust) – I love this palette, interestingly it didn’t catch my attention at first but the shades are much more beautiful once applied. The shadows are super shimmery and long-lasting, plus the three colours blend perfectly together. I must follow-up with a review to really showcase this one soon!
  • Max Factor Max Effect Dip-in Eyeshadow (#10 Silver Lounge) – I picked this up in a clearance at Tesco, I’m always a little dubious as to how those purchases will turn out but it’s also worth the chance when it’s so inexpensive! I have been really pleased with this, it’s a beautiful shade, which applies effortlessly and without creasing. I also love that the product is all-in-one, meaning that I don’t need to carry around an applicator!
  • Front Cover Glitter Lip Top Coat – This is just super pretty, whether you wear it on it’s own or as coat over any shade of lipstick, it really enhances the overall look. Sometimes glitter based products can have a bit of a tacky feeling once applied but this is light and non-sticky.
  • Bellapierre Volumizing Black Mascara – Unfortunately I did experience a “miss” with Barry M’s Showgirl Mascara this month, which didn’t coat the brush or my lashes, so you can imagine how pleased I was to discover Bellapierre’s mascara. This has a larger applicator than I’m used to but creates length and definition, all whilst remaining quite natural in appearance.
  • Bellapierre Noir Eyeliner – My preference is for liquid eyeliners, so I’m always open to trying new ones! The applicator is really neat, which helps to create the perfect line (or in my case wing)! The liquid is not too watery and is super black, meaning that it only needs to be applied once to last all day long.

Garnier Wipes (1)

My final favourite of the month would be awarded to Garnier Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes and I’ve used them all already (oops)! It’s rare that I find a wipe to compete with my regular Simple Cleansing Facial wipes but the Garnier wipes are a high quality product. The wipes are thick, soft (containing silk fibres) and soaked with Micellar water to remove make-up with ease and soothe your skin in the process!

Thanks for reading! What have been your favourites this past month? Is there anything from my list that you might try out?


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6 thoughts on “April 2015 | Favourite Products

  1. Jay says:

    I think I could use that brush – my hair gets tangled in my convertible. The style keeps pretty well, it looks like a slightly more tousled version of itself, but you can’t run your fingers through it!

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