Beauty | 20 Need-To-Know Tips And Tricks!


We all have our established beauty routines and secrets… I thought that I would share some of my favourite tips, tricks and the occasional secret, hoping that you may be able to benefit from them in your day-to-day life. Some of these you might already know or use, though some might inspire you to try something new or answer a question that you’ve had for some time!

  1. Scent-ual shower: If you spray a little bit of perfume near the shower before going in, the steam will carry the scent and soak into your skin, leaving you smelling divine!
  2. Ultra soft skin: Just add a few drops of baby oil to your body wash to leave your skin feeling extra silky and smooth!
  3. Pain-free eyebrows: Pluck your eyebrows after a hot shower; the pores and hair follicle open, making it easier and reducing the redness/pain.
  4. Healthy hair: Rather than using a towel, use an old t-shirt and pat dry — Don’t rub! Rubbing your hair will lead to breakage.
  5. Best blend: Apply moisturiser 10 minutes before applying your make up, it will smooth the “canvas” (your face!) for easier blending.
  6. Flawless face: When applying blusher, swirl your brush in a circular motion from the cheek to the hairline, this provides an air-brushed look.
  7. Blusher shades: If you’re looking for the perfect shade of blush for your skin tone, squeeze your fist as hard as you can and then open, the colour of your palm will reveal your ideal shade.
  8. Facial definition: For extreme definition, place a business card diagonally below your cheekbone and then sweep bronzer across.
  9. Quick fix blusher: If you ever run out of blush, try gently dabbing a little bit of pink or coral lipstick on your cheek with your finger as a replacement.
  10. Intense colour: Don’t sweep eye shadow across the eyelid, instead press it on for a more intense and defined look.
  11. Perfect eyeliner: If you are having difficulty applying liquid eyeliner, first of all read this post “How to get perfect winged eyeliner in 2 mins!”, or use scotch tape leading upwards from the bottom lash line as a guide (of course, don’t forget to remove it!)
  12. Lasting lipsticks: Exfoliate your lips once a week and dab foundation on lips prior to applying the colour, lipstick holds better on smooth lips.
  13. Fuller lips: Apply concealer on the outside of your lip line and blend before applying any lip product, this will create fuller and more defined lips.
  14. Lipstick coverage: Smile when you are putting on your lipstick, this is the best way to get complete coverage, corners included!
  15. Custom lipstick: Can’t find your perfect lipstick shade? Mix 2 together to create your own unique shade!
  16. Custom polish: Breaking any cosmetic is nothing short of a disaster, though if you smash an eye shadow, you can mix it with clear nail polish to create your very own unique shade!
  17. Long-lasting fragrance: If you want to smell fabulous all day long, spray a little bit of perfume on your hair brush, it’s a fact that hair holds fragrance longer than skin!
  18. Hair today, hair tomorrow: Make any hairstyle last longer by spraying your pins/grips with dry shampoo before sliding into your hair.
  19. Pencil protection: If your eye or lip pencils are soft, leave them in the fridge for an hour, the less creamy they are, the less wastage will occur.
  20. Protect your tools: Wash your make up brushes with baby shampoo, it is very gentle on the fibres, so won’t cause any damage, making them last longer!


 Which of these tips ‘n’ tricks will you be trying? If you could add a beauty tip to the list, what would it be?


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