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Today, I thought that I would share a bit more about my career, it seems fitting as it’s my first day back at work following the Easter break, with an inbox of 100+ emails to navigate through (wish me luck)! I work for a marketing consultancy as a Senior Online Community Manager. It’s a creative role, which allows me to be more than the singular title defines. Then, when I switch off from this role, I truly enjoy stepping back into the blogosphere. Bloggers also fit under the creative industry framework, each blog being an individual creative space, I enjoy discovering them, as well as building my own.

An Ode to Creative Work

Take creative control

I currently work for a distributed company, meaning that my colleagues all work from different locations, giving us the freedom to work from a space that suits each individual, whether that’s a co-working space, quaint café, outdoors in the sun or a perfect nook at home. I mostly choose to work from my home office…

Main Shot

One of the benefits of working remotely is that you can be in your own space, if you have a regular desk job in a regular building, then you can decorate your space with personal belongings but it’s unlikely that you will be getting out a pot of paint to achieve your desired look. Whereas my walls are dressed in this luxury, Graham & Brown Disney Princess, flock wallpaper. At aged 25, I have the princess room that every girl has at some point in their life! Now for a closer look at my desk…


I keep my desk fairly tidy and free of stacks of papers (that’s what the drawers are for!), apart from a few trinkets to give it a personal touch.

Top Left: A Starbucks Coffee coaster, which is always adorned with a hot-mug-of-something, alongside my clipboard that is perfect for quick notes and my diary, helping me to schedule my time. There’s quite a bit of satisfaction that comes with ticking off tasks at the end of each day, though I also use the online web and mobile app Asana for this.

Bottom Left: The Hello Kitty, whilst being cute, is also a speaker. Simply plug in your music device and watch her sing! The teddy bear is a pen because you know, you always need a pen… I have 2 of these, consider them Kitty’s bodyguards.

Middle: My pen pot, complete with (cute and mostly fluffy) pens, scissors and highlighters! And yep… that is a wand, because sometimes your day just needs a little touch of magic!

Top Right: I purchased the Apple iMac when I started my career, this helps me to differentiate work from leisure, as I use my Macbook for those purposes! That’s also a Beauty and the Beast mouse mat, in keeping with the theme.

Bottom Right: My desk lamp, which is like a spotlight, as it’s very bright and can be tilted to your requirements! The sheep poking his head through is actually a screen cleaner. The Strawberry Shake carton is a pencil-case, housing even more pens, you can never have too many! Finally, there’s a photo of my fiancé and myself, which was taken the first year that we met, quite sentimental!


I love that my desk is situated close to the window, so I can look out at the world and appreciate blue skies, whenever we might have them! The blinds allow me to let in as much or as little light, depending on the project and time of day. I also have a collection of old family photos, showcasing some of my favourite vacation memories, which never fail to put a smile on my face.

So that’s my immediate work space but if I take a break from the desktop, specifically over my lunch, then you might just find me here…

End Shot

Having a separate room with a sofa gives me the perfect feet-up timeout that I might require to revisit my project with a fresh perspective and a host of new ideas. Even though I am sometimes at home all day, I really like to separate professional and personal spaces, the latter being more relaxing but the former being stimulating, as a space that I truly enjoy working in.

There isn’t much that I would change about my workspace, as it is my own. If I could improve the space, I’d probably prefer a more tropical view, opening the window to blue skies, the scent of fresh, salt-sprinkled air and the sound of the ocean waves lapping against the shore.

Hyde Beach Hallandale Balcony View

Inspiring! 😉

There are also benefits for occasionally using a co-working space, allowing you to step out of your four walls and really appreciate walking through your door again at the end of the day. You have access to amenities and…well, other people, perhaps even working in the same industry. I’m preferable to WeWork’s offering, which might also appeal to some of my transatlantic readers, they have a whole host of beautiful hotspots. I’m confident that you would find a dream workspace from the selection, especially if you’re creatively inclined!

I would love to learn more about your workspace! Have you personalised your workspace? How does your current workspace match up to your dream workspace? Do you ever take advantage of co-working spaces?


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13 thoughts on “Lifestyle | Creative Workspaces

  1. that traveling nurse says:

    Aw, you truly are a Disney girlie girl through and through!!! So adorable! I love your wall paper although I wouldn’t use it for myself but that gives it such a unique touch to your workspace. No wonder you are so bubbly and positive! I believe that surrounding yourself with happy things/thoughts/even wallpaper (?) will cause you to be happy and think happy thoughts too! I wish I worked at home. My workspace is sooo dreary, boring and much too “clinical” to look at. Thanks for sharing a part of your world!

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