Beauty | Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara Review!



Thanks to Elle, the World’s best-selling fashion magazine, I was able to exclusively try Benefit Cosmetics brand new Roller Lash mascara this month!

I’m really quite selective when it comes to mascara, often feeling that I’m having to pump way too many times to see any type of effect take hold on my lashes. Though, admittedly, I have naturally longer lashes, I’m all for enhancing and dramatising that look – and this new Benefit beauty does just that!

The applicator is quite a thin brush, which made me a little dubious because I don’t often see results when this is the case. However, the brush is very smartly designed with little ‘hooks’ (see image below) that literally grab on to your lashes to roll right from root to tip, dragging your lashes to new heights!

Most notably, this mascara creates a ‘wide-eyed’ effect, which I think is quite important as a Girl in Glasseshow to make your eyes stand out behind those lenses!? Both the top and bottom lashes were enhanced, replacing the need for an eyelash curler, which is a blessing since we don’t all have time to fit this into our daily beauty routines!

If you’re looking for lift with a lasting curl, then this mascara is the one for you – ultimate curl power! Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara sets your lashes in place for up to 12 hours, I can confirm that this isn’t just spiel, my eyelashes were still perfectly curled by the time that I reached my nest (AKA bed). A final bonus, if you needed one at this point, is that, despite the effect, it doesn’t weigh on your lashes – it feels light, helping to add to the ‘wide awake’ feel and look of the product!


roller brush


What is your current favourite mascara? Have you had the chance to try out Benefit’s Roller Lash? What are your thoughts?


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11 thoughts on “Beauty | Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara Review!

  1. jillypopmusic says:

    Hi, Adele, I use Benefit Bad Girl Lash – mostly because it’d hypoallergenic for my big eyes. I am all about longer curled lashes so I would definitely try Roller Lash. I agree with glasses you really have to work extra hard on the right amount of eye makeup. Must check Sephora to see if they have it.

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