Beauty | Your Make-Up Artist Name!

For some Friday fun since I’m currently waiting for my giant heart-shaped cookie to finish baking (post to come soon) and it’s officially #GetADifferentNameDay (who even knew THAT was a thing?)…  how about a game?

Whether you’re male or female, take a look at the wheel below and take the first letter of your first name and then the first letter of your surname to create your Make-up Artist name:

Makeup Artist Name

From this point forward, you must acknowledge me as Miss “Bikini Tini Bikini Tini”  I kind of like it, not going to lie!

Please post YOUR make-up artist names in the comments below, lets see whose is the best!


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22 thoughts on “Beauty | Your Make-Up Artist Name!

  1. Charise says:

    Mis Bikini Tini Bikini Tini – I was thinking no fun can be derived when you have the same first and last initial, but your new name works. Mine is Ms. Fauxmance Fauxmance. I’m totally not feeling this moniker. 🙂

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