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If you don’t already know by now, I’m a huge fan of the AMC television show Mad Men, seriously I feel like I’m repeatedly marathoning this show. One of the main reasons for my admiration is the era in which it is set, the 1960’s, and the fashion that encompasses it.

The ladies of Mad Men inspire my own style in fashion and beauty terms – and I’m not the only one, Michael Kors created a Mad Men inspired collection and we’re all starting to see waistlines again as we try to bring back the silhouettes of the 60’s!

I’ve decided to share the style inspiration by reviewing Betty Draper’s (portrayed by the beautiful January Jones) wardrobe!

“Betty Draper’s board is a collision of tear sheets from my grandmother’s knitting magazines from the 1960s, candid shots of Grace Kelly, and even a picture of a pink washer and dryer.”  – Janie Bryant, costume designer.

bettyBetty Draper, the perfect-on-the-outside housewife to the suave and sophisticated advertising executive Don Draper (Jon Hamm) and mother to two well-dressed children, is without a doubt one of the most awe-inspiring when it comes to her dress sense. She always steals the scene with her signature style, whether she is dressed up from head-to-heel demanding all of the attention in the room at one of Don’s black tie events or whether she’s sharing gossip over a cup of coffee in the kitchen with her gal pal Francine (Anne Dudek).

If you haven’t seen the show – firstly, stop what you’re doing and locate any format of it and secondly, lets get you up to speed on Betty’s signature style – this is what you should expect to see: pale blues, winter whites, camels, dulled greys and shades of violet that mirror her glacial personality. Outfits that are nipped in at the waist, multiple layers and floral prints with a mixture of mid height pumps, heels and riding boots for every occasion.

With this in mind, I searched fashion stores everywhere and endless amounts of clothes to re-create a Betty inspired outfit, albeit not on a budget…

Betty Draper Day Wear

Acne Studios Long Sleeve Jumper, Lanvin Womens Horse Riding Pants, John Lewis Long Mac, Diane Von Furstenberg Poppy Leopard Satin Scarf, Gucci Leather/Cashmere Gloves, Rupert Sanderson Vibram Sole Riding Boots & Saint Laurent Duffle 3 Mini Leather Bowling Bag.

I really love this look and I think that it is easily achievable – simply pair your skinny jeans with knee-length boots, throw on a blazer with a lookalike scarf and your Betty Draper transformation is complete! I’m confident that you would be able to locate these items or similar during a successful session of retail therapy.

“When I costume ultra-ladylike Betty Draper in a tweed riding jacket and a silk ascot for an equestrian outing, the result is gender-bender brilliance.” – Janie Bryant, costume designer.

Even with such a simple and casual outfit, she radiates perfection because of the flawless tailoring and complimentary colours that create the look.

Now entering Betty’s evening wardrobe, let the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” commence…

Betty Draper Evening Wear

1950’s Ceil Chapman Rhinestone Metallic Floral Ivory-Satin Dress, Vivienne Westwood Isolde Pearl Necklace, Berricle Sterling Silver Pearl Solitaire Stud Earrings, John Lewis Cream Long Evening Gloves, Anita Satin Weave Crystal Clutch Bag & Carvela Kestral High Heel Stiletto Court Shoes.

The rise of vintage fashion won’t come as such a surprise when you lay your eyes on this, such a classic style that exhumes femininity, the colours are soft and gentle, adding to her Grace Kelly-esque glow.

To recreate this look you will need to locate a satin finish or floral dress (preferably both) with a tucked in waist and wider shoulder straps, some delicate jewellery, accompanied by matching clutch and court shoe — silk gloves optional.

Do you prefer the casual yet classic daytime look or the more refined and glitzy evening wear choice?


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