Beauty | L’Oréal Paris’ #MAKEUPGENIUS App Review

Make up genius


I was really excited to, first of all, put L’Oréal Paris‘ beauty app #MAKEUPGENIUS to the test and then, secondly, tell you all about it!

P1040326Welcome to a new era of trying on make-up. The Makeup Genius app acts as a magic mirror, the camera in your electronic device allows you to enter an augmented reality, which has a range of products from lipsticks and eyeshadows to bronzers (to name a few) to select and apply to your face!

This means that you can test products from the comfort of your own home, so if you’re one of those people that is a bit unsure of certain looks then this is going to be an essential tool to ‘try before you buy’ – and, if you’re not, then you’re still going to have way too much fun discovering new and different looks for yourself.

To begin with, the app will take a sophisticated “scan” of your face, then… you’re in. You have unlocked a world of new beauty products and looks to try out. Just browse through the selection, select and create your look. The products are digitally painted on to your face whilst in real-time so this really is like looking in a mirror!

I was really impressed by just how realistic the make-up looked once applied, the eyeshadows, blushes and bronzers are perfectly blended and the lipstick formulas (matte or gloss) appear accordingly. Genius, indeed.



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In addition to individual products, you can try on complete looks, popularly those from celebrities. You can also scan a product barcode in store and try that on or use the app to view tutorials so that you can successfully achieve the looks experienced on screen.

If you’re sold on the look that you have collated then you can go ahead and purchase the products directly from the app, which is super convenient and quick.

Finally, the app is completely free so you have nothing to lose when transforming your smartphone into a smart mirror!



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