Fashion | Top 6: Best Dressed At New York Fashion Week

September is here, which can only mean one thing – New York fashion week is here. Fashionista’s everywhere will be going gooey-eyed for all of the collections on show during the weeks events (including myself) but I thought that I would review and share my top six favourite outfits from the A-listers that have been in attendance! To start the countdown…

Langley Fox Hemingway Girly Crochet detail dress with classic converse6. Langley Fox Hemingway

She wears a feminine, pretty, crochet cream and navy dress teamed with a black hat but wait… what’s that? Scan down to find classic Converse sneakers!

I love that she has taken a classic look and modernised it with the popular Converse shoe, proving that they really do go with everything!

Taylor Schilling Polka-dot trend we heart it pink lip5. Taylor Schilling

I heart this sleek, chic, silk (say that 3 times fast!) all-black number that she is wearing. I like the small white polka dots on the suit, that certainly helps to increase it’s status in the fashion ranks.

To add a bit colour to the look, she has opted for a bold, fuchsia pink lipstick! Absolute love.

Kiernan Shipka channelling Mad Men alter ego4. Kiernan Shipka

So I might be a little biased in selecting Kiernan Shipka who played little Sally Draper in one of my favourite television shows of all time Mad Men but… wow! She has grown into an elegant young lady wearing this large floral print dress.

I think that the outfit is really pretty but is quite adult for her age (14 – would you believe it?), perhaps she is channelling her Mad Men alter ego! Either way, she rocks!

Amber Le Bon Inspired Sultry leopard print shirt, leather leggings and platform trainers3. Amber Le Bon

Naturally I love my top three outfit choices and that’s, perhaps, because I could easily see myself wearing them all.

Amber Le Bon wears a loose, leopard-print style shirt with leather leggings and platform trainers – a perfect combination. I like that this is quite a ‘relaxed’ outfit yet highly fashionable.

Just as a side note – I’m also loving her ombre hair!

Allison Williams Sweet and Girly Gingham-Trimmed White Day Dress Dorothy Inspired Modern2. Allison Williams

Coming in at number two is this quite simple white dress with gingham trim, I’m thinking modern-day Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz! I love everything about this dress – the style, the colours, the shape – it is so pretty and feminine!

And again, there’s an added dash of colour with her bright red lipstick choice.

*Drumroll please* …

1. Katie HolmesKatie Holmes Simple, Understated, Classic outfit. Tousled blowdry hair with delicate smokey eye. Show-stopping.

I know that this would not be everyone’s choice for number one, especially as there have been so many more extravagant outfits on display but that is exactly what I love about it… the simplicity.

It is such an understated yet classic outfit combined with her tousled hair and delicate smokey eye, there can only be two words for this look: show-stopping.

Annnddd… that’s a wrap! I really hope that you enjoyed my top six of fashion week, I would love to know which outfit is your favourite so if you’re reading this now – why not let me know in the comments below!



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